DragonBallZ Review Chapter 3: The Battle of Nappa and Vegeta


The 2 Saiyans 10X's stronger than Raditz had arrived on Earth. They're goal was to find the Dragonballs. What are Dragonballs? Dragonballs are mystical and magical orange balls that where if you collect all 7 balls, the Eternal Dragon will come out of the balls and will grant it's master one wish and one wish only. But these wishes are better than any Genie in a lamp. Why? Because you could wish for almost anything! You could wish for immortality, wish someone back from the dead, become invincible, or just a new car. The 2 Saiyans want immortality. With this they will be unstoppable and could easily take over any planet and in no time take over the universe, FOREVER!



Nappa and Vegeta have finally arrived on Earth. And they’re taking NO PRISONERS!!!

The 2 Saiyans are Nappa and Vegeta. Their plan is to steal the Dragonballs, make their wish and then blow up Earth on their way out. Because they NEVER spare planets! Vegeta, who is the leader of the group, has a power level of 9,000!!! And that's just in rest form!!! Raditz's maximum was 1200! Gohan's maximum was 1400!!! Nappa, Vegeta's sidekick, has a power level of 4,000. None of Earth's warrior's are even that close to being that strong! They don't have a chance! When Vegeta and Nappa landed on Earth they landed in a Japanese city. When they first got out of their Spacepods, Nappa blew up the entire city in under 5 seconds! And that was no small town; it was the size of L.A.! Now there's just a crater! And what do they have to say about they're entrance?


 "YAWN! Well, that was boring, now let's go find the Dragonballs."-Vegeta


Here’s a picture of the Japanese city blowing up!


For Earth's strongest warriors their power levels may be stronger, but it's still no match for the 2 Saiyans. Krillin=1,600, TN=1,800, Piccolo=1,800, Gohan=3,000, Chow Sue=600, Yamcha=1,400, and Yajerobe=600. It's obvious that Gohan the son of Goku is the strongest, though he may have the power, he doesn't have the fighting experience. Well, it was now time, no more time for training, it was time to fight! But the fighters are still no match for the Saiyans they need Goku!


The DragonBallZ gang used the Dragonballs to wish Goku back to life. And it worked! Except for one problem, Goku was wished back to life again, BUT HE WAS STILL IN THE AFTERLIFE REALM! He can't be beamed back to Earth so he'll just have to back down Snake Way again! But it took him 9 months to go down it the first time, he doesn't have 9 seconds! But he is 10X's stronger now, so that means he can fly faster. So Goku took off again down Snake Way flying as fast as he could back to the Check In Station. (Tunnel of Light)


Earth's strongest warriors: Yamcha, TN, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and Chow Sue challenged the Saiyans at a mountain range far from civilization. But the press knew! (Man, is there anything that CNN won't find out about!?) Yajerobe and Corren chickened out on the fight. So Yajerobe met up with the press and claimed to be Goku trainer, (which he wasn't) and of course the press bought it. Earth knew that the world was in danger. There were 2 Saiyans invading Earth. And it just takes one to destroy a planet even a star! So anyway the fighters challenged Nappa and Vegeta to battle. But the 2 Saiyans were getting bored of destroying planets the same way. Earth was given an "E" rating. "Easily Conquered". So instead of them doing the fighting they sent out 6 small fighters called Saibamen!

Here's a picture of Vegeta


The Saibamen had a power level of 1200 each! The warriors got busy fighting hoping that Goku would show up soon. The Saiyans thought that watching a fight instead would be more amusing. And it was to them. They were quite shocked to see that Yamcha killed 2 Saibamen in no time at all. Then Vegeta said, “Excellent, perhaps you Earthlings aren't as weak as we thought you were." But then suddenly a Saibaman jumped out at Yamcha and committed a suicide mission. The Saibaman blew up Yamcha……………man down!!! Yamcha was dead, he was a big DBZ character.


Here is a picture of Yamcha dying in battle

Krillin then got upset over Yamcha's death, and did his maximum power move. 6 Fireballs in one shot! Krillin finished off the other 4 Saibamen and shot 2 enormous fireballs at Nappa and Vegeta.

Here's a simulation of Krillin's fireballs


Krillin's powerful fireballs killed the remaining 4 Saibamen, but his shots to the Saiyans, didn't even give them a scratch!!! The Saiyans decided to go ahead and fight like they always do. Vegeta figured that the Earthlings were worth the wasted energy. So Vegeta sat this fight out and let Nappa fight in his place. So Nappa fought off while Vegeta coached him. Nappa literally flies in the air and fires fireballs down below. Gohan is scared stiff, when he’s supposed to be the strongest one out there.

Nappa charging at his opponents

TN did some pretty impressive moves on Nappa, but once again, NOT EVEN A RASH!!! Nappa was pretty much invisible! Then Nappa cut off TN's arm! "OUCH!" Then Piccolo goes after the Saiyan while TN was down. But for the first time in Piccolo's life, HE GOT THE WIND KNOCKED OUT OF HIM! Piccolo was once the strongest fighter on Earth, now even Gohan is stronger than him. Because Nappa was too strong for normal attacks, Chow Sue was willing to give his own life by blowing himself up on Nappa!

Krillin firing a huge fireball at Nappa (Which Nappa easily blocked)


Chow Sue sacrificed himself by blowing up on Nappa. A huge array of fire and smoke in the air happened. For 5 minutes all we could see were shockwaves and smoke. It looked as if Nappa was finally gone,……………BUT HE WASN'T! All he had to say was, "Ooo! What a back rub! Ha! Ha!" Chow Sue had died in vain! Nappa then easily killed TN! And then went after Gohan!!!

Piccolo firing


Just as Gohan was about to be killed by the massive fireball, Piccolo stepped in and took the bullet, (or fireball) which was a shock for all of us DBZ fans, because Piccolo mainly cares for himself. On his last breath Piccolo admitted something and told Gohan, ……"I've never had a true friend before but,……cough! …you Gohan,…have been …a…true friend to me…" (He dies here) Piccolo was dead! It was now just Krillin and Gohan against 2 ultimately invincible alien fighters! GOKU WHERE ARE YOU!?!?


Nappa cheering himself over his victory

Wait! There he is! After 5 days of traveling down Snake Way (which took him 9 months the first trip) Goku was allowed to go back to Earth since the DBZ gang wished him back to life. Goku returned to Earth………but almost too late! Just before Nappa was about to kill Gohan and Krillin, something shows up on Vegeta's Scouter. (A Scouter is a radar that measures power levels) What Vegeta saw on the radar scared him. The power level was WELL BEYOND 5000!!! That's STRONGER THAN NAPPA'S!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is this person with the power level of over 5000, IT'S GOKU! THE TRAINING AT KING KAI'S PAYED OFF!


Goku then told Gohan and Krillin to leave, Krillin thought that, that was nuts! That this guy was too strong for Goku to take on by himself! But Goku wiped Nappa clean out!!!!! Goku defeated Nappa in a matter of minutes!


Vegeta challenged Goku to a fight. But the deal was that they fight far away from where Gohan and Krillin were and away from the media and other cities. So Vegeta and Nappa flew off to combat. Goku did the Keo Ken attack (the attack that worked on Nappa) on Vegeta, and VEGETA WAS HURT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE!

In this picture Goku is blocking one of Vegeta’s planet destroying fireballs!

However, that's all he was, hurt, and NOT INJURED. Then Vegeta said something to Goku that scared Goku, "Wow! What an attack! But listen up Kakarot (Goku's Saiyan name) if that's your best shot, you better give up because I been hit with shots bigger than that!" That was Goku's best shot! So now what's he suppose to do? Vegeta then powered up, TO A POWER LEVEL OF 18,000!!!!!! That's the highest so far in DragonBallZ! Goku was still only at 5,000!!!

One of Vegeta's killer shots


Can Goku defeat this unbelievable tyrant? His best move didn't work on him! Now Vegeta's 15X's stronger than he was before! Can Goku win at all? And how is he going to do it? Find out on DragonBallZ on Cartoon Network. Cause I am not telling you how this fight ends. And it doesn't end here. There's like 10 days worth more of this battle. So find out then.


"Next time on DragonBallZ review: The survivors of the battle recover, while the Earth's Dragonballs have been destroyed from the battle. Now there's rumor of a second pair of Dragonballs. Read all about it in, DragonBallZ review: Chapter 4: Road Trip."


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