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DragonBallZ Review Chapter 9:

Back From The Future




Just when you thought that the nightmare was over………just when you thought all was well………just when you thought it was safe to go back in outer space……………it’s not………………


FRIEZA LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And he’s back with a BAD ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!


His target…is none other than EARTH!!!!!!!!!!








That is the sound of the planet Namek blowing up in a huge explosion!!! Frieza, the STRONGEST FIGHTER IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE HAS FINALLY BEEN DEFEATED!!!!!! Or has he?



The explosion of Namek has caused Goku to disappear in outer space and now he is a legend to people everywhere.


Vegeta has been out looking for Goku because Vegeta also wants to become a Super Saiyan. But Vegeta just couldn’t find him! And neither could anybody else!


Then, one day………an object was headed right for the Earth! Then the object crashed right in the Capsule Corp. area! It was a space ship, AND IT HAD A HUGE POWER LEVEL INSIDE OF IT!!! Then the doors opened, and the evil being stepped out. The being had a huge power level unlike any other, and it was walking towards Yamcha. Just as the evil tyrant was about to attack Yamcha, Bulma steps in and says, “Oh, Hey Vegeta! Welcome back to Earth! (sniff) P.U.!!! You stink! You need a bath badly! You’re coming with me Vegeta!” It was Vegeta! He has finally come back to Earth. (Who did you think it was? Frieza?)


Vegeta gave up looking for Goku and decided to come back to Earth. And even try to take Earth over again. But Bulma wasn’t going to let Vegeta do any planet conquering until he was bathed!!! Bulma like always was bossing around. She was bossing and ordering Vegeta to take a bath! Vegeta is the second strongest fighter in the entire universe. And YET VEGETA DIDN’T HAVE THE COURAGE TO FIGHT BACK AT BULMA!!!!!! So Vegeta, like a baby followed Bulma and took her orders. (Never underestimate the power of a woman)



Gohan was being punished for running out on studying to go fight Garlic Jr. So now Gohan had a tutor that was used to teaching kid criminals. And when the tutor called Gohan’s father a barbaric person. Gohan lost his temper and attacked his tutor!!!


Krillin was out training and was still upset about loosing his one and only girlfriend, Maron.


Vegeta was getting REALLY upset at Bulma bossing him around. He even threatened to kill everybody. But when Bulma was in his face, he couldn’t move!!! Then Bulma humiliated Vegeta by making him put on PINK CLOTHES!!!!!! HA! HA! HA! HUH!?!?!?!?




Suddenly,…all of the DragonBallZ fighters felt a




Power level headed right for the Earth! AND IT WASN’T GOKU’S!!! The power level was also familiar. Could it be!? NO IT CAN’T BE!? Yes, it is





Frieza was in Earth’s orbit!!! And was about to land in a dessert range not far from where all of the DragonBallZ fighters were. So all of the DragonBallZ fighters grouped up at where Vegeta said Frieza was going to land. But Frieza was not alone! He has also brought the last of his soldiers along too. And HIS FATHER, KING COLD!!!


BUT WHAT THE $#*&% IS FRIEZA DOING ALIVE!!! Goku cut him up so bad that not even a politician would be willing to put him back together again just to get a few votes!



The thing is, Frieza did die in a way. After the battle on planet Namek, word spread quickly over Frieza’s death. Many planets celebrated that they were no longer under Frieza’s rule. But others mourned the loss of their beloved dictator. Therefore Frieza’s father King Cold set out to recover Frieza’s body. They were only capable of collecting about 45% of Frieza’s body since the rest had been vaporized.



King Cold ordered the best doctors in the entire universe to operate on him. They were going to give Frieza a mechanical body, and then Frieza would be able to reach power levels that he would never have been capable of reaching in his organic state!!! So now Frieza, would regain his title as “Strongest Fighter in the Entire Universe”


“So then, all of King Cold’s horses,

And all of King Cold’s men,

Started to put Frieza back together again.”



Then when it was complete, Frieza AWAKENED!!!

The first thing Frieza said was, “Set a course for Earth! I’d like to blow it up!” Frieza was EXTREMELY angry with Goku. And since he couldn’t find him in outer space, Frieza decided to take his rage out on Goku’s home planet, EARTH!!! Frieza was going to make everybody on Earth pay for what he did to Frieza by turning him into a half robot. And for Goku destroying over 75% of his empire.


Here’s what Frieza looks like in robot form.


When all of the DragonBallZ fighters felt Frieza’s power level, they all pretty much fainted! He was WAY MORE STONGER THAN HE WAS ON THE PLANET NAMEK!!! And on Namek it was a nightmare at how strong he was. So now he’s even stronger!?!?!?!? The fighters that weren’t on Namek like: Yamcha, TN, and Chow Sue were scared stiff!!! They all didn’t want to fight Frieza. And even Vegeta was thinking of surrendering. But Frieza was going to show NO pity on Earth since the damage done by Goku is permanent.


Vegeta ordered everybody to keep their power level’s down because Vegeta didn’t want to be spotted by Frieza just yet.


Here is a picture of King Cold and Frieza.


The DBZ warriors were scared stiff even to move. They all knew that they didn’t have a prayer against Frieza. And even if they fought Frieza well, the planet Earth might still be destroyed. The planet Namek blew up because it couldn’t take all of the huge fireballs and explosions. It was like a million meteors hitting the planet. Earth cannot take that kind of firepower!!! So how are the DBZ fighters suppose to win?


The DBZ warriors were also wondering if they should wait for Goku. But then of course, why should they? When Garlic Jr. had taken over the Earth for 23 hours Goku didn’t show up then! So why would Goku show up now?


So, Vegeta and the DBZ gang decided that it was now or never. So just before they were all about to show themselves before Frieza……………














Suddenly, there were loud explosions. Frieza was fighting somebody!!! But who? None of the DBZ warriors had left yet. So who was it? Then………





BAM!!! BAM!!!


FRIEZA’S ENTIRE ARMY WAS DESTROYED!!!!!!!!! It was just King Cold and Frieza standing. And those were no ordinary soldiers! Their power levels were about 180,000 each! Then, in the sky, there was………




But it wasn’t Goku!!!!!! Who is it!?!?!?



Who ever it is, he’s making a fool out of Frieza. But then Frieza decided to attack this new Super Saiyan.


Here Friezabot is powering up to attack this new Super Saiyan.




Will the Earth be destroyed from the battle just like planet Namek. And why is Goku ignoring the problems on Earth!?!?!?!?


And who in the heck is this Super Saiyan!?


I’ll give you a hint.




He’s come back to stop something that he doesn’t want to happen on the Earth. Is it Frieza? IS FRIEZA SUPPOSE TO WIN!?!?!?!? AND HAS THIS GUY COME TO STOP HIM? OR IS IT SOMETHING ELSE?


Find out on September 4th 2000!!!


On Toonami!!!


Find out then!


Super Saiyans rule!!!


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