Sailor Moon Review

Chapter 1: School Girls Go To War



In the Realm of Earth, something terribly evil has happened! An evil world realm has penetrated the Earth’s portals and has made its way into the Earth’s Realm. This Evil Dark realm was called the NegaVerse! Short for “Negative Universe” or “Negative Energy”. The ruler of this evil kingdom was named Queen Beryl. She and her top henchmen have set out to take over the world by stealing life energy from the Earthlings, draining the Earth clean from its current occupants, then make wave for the final invasion of darkness. It would be an easy job…right?


In Tokyo Japan there lived a little blond teenage girl named Serena who was: always late for school, never did her homework, tended to be an annoyance, didn’t have a boyfriend (yet), was a klutz and had an annoying scream. Who would have guessed that she would really be a Super Hero? 


As Serena got the bad news from School again that she flunked another test, a black cat was following her around. (Ooo! That’s bad luck! Right?) Serena was sent to her room by her mother for failing another math test and told that she couldn’t go with her best friend Molly to the big jewelry sale. As Serena was in her room the black cat from before came into her room and SPOKE TO HER!


Serena was shocked to find out that this little black cat could not only talk but that it knew everything about Serena. And the cat knew something about Serena’s life that even she didn’t know! It turns out that the Black Cat named Luna was sent to find the chosen girl who was the guardian of the Moon Kingdom…named Sailor Moon. Luna didn’t know if she had the right person or not but she knew that she had the right one enough to teach Serena how to transform into the super hero Sailor Moon. Luna gave Serena a magical broach and told her to put it on and say “Moon Prism Power”


Serena couldn’t believe it! She said, “Moon Prism Power!” And then suddenly the clothes she was wearing tore off, and a Sailor Scout Uniform, (that was like a cheerleader’s outfit) was digitally morphed onto her body! Frankly Serena thought that it was quote, “Wicked Cool!” But soon after she transformed for the first time, duty also called for the first time. The NegaVerse had already begun their invasion!



Something happened at the local jewelry store that her best friend Molly went to. A MONSTER APPEARED! It was using jewels to suck the life energy out of the humans! Then collecting the energy to give to the NegaVerse. Just as the monster was about to drain every human in the store to death, Sailor Moon showed up for her first battle!


Sailor Moon then gave her now famous speech.


“Hold it right there Jewelry Jock!

I will not allow you to drain the energy from these innocent civilians.

I’m Sailor Moon!

Champion of Justice, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil!

And in the name of the Moon I shall punish you!”


(Each speech is different each time she says it, but she always ends with the last three lines)


The monster was not impressed the least bit, and started to attack Serena, I mean Sailor Moon. But there was just one problem, Serena DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO FIGHT! She was still just a girl in Junior High!


Luna taught Serena how to fight the monster. But……she got scared at the last minute and was about to retreat on her first battle after only a few minutes of fighting. But then…BIZZ THWORP!



A Powerful Rose came smashing in and somehow disturbed the monster. The rose was followed by a man in a Tuxedo outfit with a Top Hat, and then mysterious man helped Serena defeat the monster! Then once the monster was weakened Luna taught Sailor Moon how to use her very first super power attack. She said, “Moon Tiara Magic!” And threw her Tiara in so much that it became a golden blade. And it cut the monster in half! She had won her first battle. But who was the man in the Tuxedo Outfit? After helping Serena, he disappeared.

The NegaVerse immediately realized that someone was now in their way…and they started to get a little worried that it might be who they thought it was. The NegaVerse killed off all of the Sailor Scouts in the Solar System over a thousand years ago. They started to wonder if new ones have appeared?


Serena was now a Super Hero, but frankly she DIDN’T WANT TO BE! She won 3 battles in a row but she was already getting sick of it. She didn’t want to be a super hero, she just wanted her teenage life back. Serena was like Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she said, “You know all of those things you thought were SO IMPORTANT but now, they’re just a laugh and a joke compared to what you do today” –Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Serena started to complain about her new job as Sailor Moon saying she wanted her normal life back. Luna promised that Serena could live both lives, once as a normal girl, and then onto fighting evil. In fact she HAD TO so that the NegaVerse wouldn’t know her true identity. No one must know that she’s Sailor Moon, even her parents! Schoolgirl by day……super hero by night. (But she can be a hero in the daytime too)


Because of the fact that everything was happening so fast Luna decided to inform Serena about what was going on. Luna informed her that the NegaVerse was an evil world that wished to take over Serena’s world by absorbing all life on it then coving the Earth with Negative Energy. Sailor Moon had no choice but to declare war against a great enemy. But she could only fight them if they came into her world one monster at a time. But Luna also said one more thing. She said that there were OTHER SAILOR SCOUTS that would also be teenage girls. But they would have to have the symbol of their world on their foreheads in order to be the chosen one. And as Sailor Moon, she would be their leader.


Luna also informed Serena that she had to find the missing Moon Princess in which if she was found they could destroy the NegaVerse once and for all. Because the Moon Princess would have the Imperial Silver Crystal, the crystal that would be the NegaVerse’s only main weakness or, it’s only main source of power. The NegaVerse was also after the Imperial Silver Crystal, for if they had it, inter-dimensional take over would be primarily possible.


Luna’s message of other scouts became a reality. When Luna ordered Serena to take out a girl named Ami, because both Luna and Serena thought that Ami was working for the NegaVerse by giving them the energy of (Egghead) students. But it turns out that Ami was being used and a victim herself! And during the battle Ami got angry and the symbol of the planet Mercury appeared on her forehead. She was Sailor Mercury!



After Mercury transformed the same way Serena does by her clothes getting morphed into a Scout uniform…it was now two against one with the monster. Mercury had her own super powers of Water and Ice. However the NegaVerse monster was too much for the BOTH OF THEM! But then…BIZZ-THWORP! There was that Tuxedo Guy again, helping the Sailor Scouts. Once again the monster was weakened and Sailor Moon managed to destroy the monster with her Moon Tiara again. Who was this dude? He kept appearing then disappearing never giving his name. (That’s men for ya! Always showing up for the ladies, yet never giving his name and phone number!)


Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury fought more battles together earning a good friendship, but Ami like Serena…didn’t want to give up her schoolwork or her chance at going to Medical School because she was a Sailor Scout fighter. She thought that fighting would be a bad influence on her schoolwork since violence and schools don’t mix. Once again Luna gave Ami the option of that she could stay a Med School student only for the sake of keeping their secret identities, and as long as she could show up for battles when they happen.


The NegaVerse used another girl named Rei to do their evil purposes of draining civilians. People would go to a bus stop in front of a Temple Shrine she worked and lived at and the people would disappear! Sailor Moon and Mercury were on the scene about to ambush the priestess Rei at the Cherry Hill Shrine because they thought that she too worked for the NegaVerse! But when a monster appeared to ambush both Scouts, Rei (who studied martial arts) got angry and started fighting. But when she got struck down…the symbol of Mars appeared on her forehead. She was Sailor Mars!!!



Luna helping her transform, she entered the battle using her own super power of Fire! Shouting out, “Mars…Fire…Ignite!” Burning the Monster to death!



As the scouts continued on their crusade it wasn’t long before Tokyo got the message that there were super heroes amongst them! The people of Tokyo cheered the girls on and the Sailor Scouts became celebrities! But the girls could never say who they really were for fame and fortune or the NegaVerse would attack them at their houses! But it was very hard to resist the temptation of fame and fortune for the girls!


The NegaVerse have had it with these girls! The Queen Beryl’s head general, Jedeite (who had been sending out all of the monsters this whole time) decided to set up a trap for the Sailor Scouts at the Tokyo Airport!


Once again, when the Sailor Scouts found out that trouble was brewing over at the Tokyo Airport, they went to investigate…only to find out it was a TRAP!


Giving the Jet Airliners a mind of their own, General Jedeite had the three girls trapped by making the airliners follow the girls and trying to crush them! None of their super powers could destroy the airplanes because they were being protected by negative energy! They had Jumbo Jets on their tails and to make things worse there was the possibility of innocent civilians on board so that would make it worse for them to destroy the planes!


The Sailor Scouts were outgunned! And were about to be pancaked by the airplanes! (As if Airline travel wasn’t bad enough as it is!) 


Then as usual, BIZZ-THWORP!!! The Tuxedo guy shows up again. And introduces himself as Tuxedo Mask! Tuxedo Mask decided to help the girls once again by attacking Jedeite hoping that by defeating him, it would make the airplanes stop following the girls. Tuxedo Mask and Jedeite fought out with their swords and canes. But then Jedeite quickly gained the upper hand. Jedeite DEFEATED Tuxedo Mask and nailed his body into the sea! He never came back out.


The Jumbo Jet airplanes were still following the girls just about to run over them. Will they ever get out?


How will they escape? Can they escape? Who is, or was Tuxedo Mask? Find out by watching the rest of it yourself!




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