Sailor Scout of the Month: Sailor Mars

She looks pretty and (hooting whistle sounds). But, if you mistreat this girl, she will kill you. No really, she'll summon up her power and literally kill you!!! So,……boys……want to go on a date with her?

Sailor Mars was the 3rd Sailor Scout to join Sailor Moon in her quest to fight the evil Nega Verse. She lives in a Japanese ninja temple, where she likes to communicate with good spirits. (For a teenage girl she has a weird hobby)


Her real name is Rei (Ray) and though she is a teenager in the modern world, she's lived before she came to Earth. She used to be a princess of the Mars kingdom, until it was utterly destroyed by the Nega Verse. Her kingdom sent her to Earth along with other girls from different kingdoms to save them from death from the Nega Verse. She and the other Sailor Scouts were in a way (re-incarnated) and turned into children on Earth to relive their lives peacefully. But the Nega Verse once again was after their lives. So she and the other girls became the protectors over the Earth in the name of their former kingdom.


Rei was from Mars, so she turns into Sailor Mars whenever the Nega Verse goes out to steal energy and people from Earth. Sailor Mars is not fond of Sailor Moon (the scouts leader). Sailor Mars believes that she ought to be the leader because she's more serious and older. While Sailor Moon still acts like a little child. So Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon never have quite gotten really nice to each other.


However, they are not enemies. When duty calls she'll obey Sailor Moon for the sake of the world. Her super powers rely on fire and heat. Watch Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network to find out more.


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