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Greetings this is GokuFievel again. Besides making this website run one of my other hobbies/jobs is that I work for a local TV Station! And yes I have my very own TV Show! Treasure Valley Public Access Television is a TV Station in which real people from the real world can just come on in and voice their very own opinions or talents on TV for everybody in southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon to see.


If you live in the Boise area you should call them to become a TV Producer for the TV Station and make your very own TV Show. You can call them at:




But now about me and the TV Station here is my Resume of the TV Shows that I have made and shows I am planning on making.


Aaron Banks’ (GokuFievel) TVTV Show Episode Guide and Resume


The Idaho Show


Season 1: 2001


The Idaho Show: The Pilot Episode: Election 2000 The Month The Earth Stood Still

Original Airdate: July 4th 2001 11:00 PM



This was the first time I toyed with making a TV Show I made it in November of 2000 after the first recounts were over. I made this episode as a school project for my American Government class, I posed as Jay Leno but thankfully I rarely said that. This was filmed at Eagle High School where I learned how to take Video Tech Classes. When I became a member of the TV Station in June of 2001 this was the first most prepared episode I gave them but I had to take out a few things. The premiere was great we had all of our neighbors that came over for July 4th barbeque enjoyed it. The bad news is a rerun of the show aired on September 12 2001! The day after we were attacked by Afghanistan! So I felt guilty of me making fun of the American government during the darkest hours of our country’s history.


The Idaho Show: Episode I: The Proposal

Original Airdate: Late July of 2001



This was the first episode that I filmed that was for the soul purpose of airing on TVTV I had an opening monologue. The reason why it’s called the proposal is because I walked out into the hallway and asked an unsuspecting girl to marry me because of what I said in the monologue. After all of that came my signature act “DID YOU KNOW THAT?” where I talk about true ridiculous laws around the country.


Did You Know That Examples


These are all REAL Ridiculous State and Local Town laws across the country that I found while doing some research. These are some examples of what I said on the show, then I had a punch line for all of them.


-In Lake Charles Louisiana a law makes it illegal for a rain puddle to remain on your front yard for more than 12 hours.

-In Rodersfield West Virginia a law states “No minister is allowed to say anything funny or tell any jokes of any kind from the pulpit” (BOO!)

-In Boston Massachusetts it’s illegal to eat during a funeral. (Of course how rude?)

-In Key West Florida Turtle Racing is Illegal. (Who would want to bet on a slow race like that?)

-In Kentucky a law states that a housewife is NOT allowed to move the house furniture without the husband’s permission!

-It’s against the law in Oklahoma to get a FISH DRUNK! (Did You Know That Of The Day)

-In Michigan it’s illegal to swear in front of children. (This law is still enforced)

-Also in Michigan a law states your bathing suit must be inspected by a police officer! (“Excuse me Bikini Inspector!”)

-In Mobile Alabama it’s illegal for a homeless person to take a bath in the courthouse fountain. (Gee, I wonder how they came up with that law?)


The Idaho Show Episode II: The Alternate

Original Airdate: Sometime in August 2001


Actually the title of this episode was suppose to be for Episode III on the topic of the “Alternate TVTV titles and mottos.


The Idaho Show Episode III: Lost Title

Original Airdate: August 2001


The Idaho Show Episode IV: Did You Know That?

Original Airdate: Unaired


This episode was suppose to air in September but due to September 11th I called off airing all of the Idaho Show Episodes for the rest of the season except for Episode V. These were just extra did you know that’s that I had a microphone for. This is a LOST UNAIRED episode and I need to ask people if I should air it or not. This was the last episode that I filmed at Eagle High School.


The Idaho Show Episode V: Special Edition

Original Airdate: September 23rd 2001



This episode aired only once and for obvious reasons. I was real depressed when September 11th happened. September 11th was my younger brother’s 18th birthday as well. I submitted an early rerun of the Idaho Show Pilot Episode and Episode I on SEPTEMBER 12TH and a few days after I was so mad at myself, there I was on TV making fun of American only 24 hours after the worst manmade disaster in history. Besides I didn’t want to be silent over this so I made a nearly hour long Idaho Show where I just give my thoughts on the situation. But the most scary part was I saw an attack like this coming. I talked on the phone with C-Span and Fox News months before the attacks saying quote, “America has been attacked on American soil before and it will happen again, not maybe it, will happen again.” Both news commentators didn’t believe me until I called C-Span only 2 hours after the attack. It’s not that I knew it was just a gut feeling at the time. This episode was very patriotic but I don’t think I will air it again. This episode was also the SEASON FINALE of Season 1 for 2001. 


Season 2: 2002


The Idaho Show Episode 6: Mid-Term Madness

Original Airdate: October 26th 2002 and November 15th 2002



Ahhhh!!!!!! At last after an entire YEAR I had the courage, the power, and money to come back to “The Idaho Show” I made several appearances on “Dead Air Space” making an IDIOT of myself, and mocking myself. Finally I could go back to MY show. In November of 2001 I was dating my first girlfriend, who then broke up with me not long after that. However while I was dating her I made a promise to her brother that I’d get him on TV. Many months after she broke up with me I think he told me, “So am I ever going to be on TV?” I then freaked out because I had forgotten. I tried to get him on “Dead Air Space” but then there was an opening for a shoot one day so I decided to re-air the Idaho Show and so at the last minute I invited him over. He did so WELL on his FIRST TV appearance that he wound up being my official Co-Host. His name… MATT PERRENOUD.


After I showed the second Episode of the Idaho Show I got frequent requests from my family and from the few people who saw the show that I needed a Co-Host. I have never believed in Co-Hosts for so long I’ve been a loner making movies by myself and many other things by myself. Matt was just there to please that request once, but he did such a good job, and the Episode was so good, in fact Episode 6 was one of the best Episodes in The Idaho Show’s History.


Monologue for Episode 6


The jokes weren’t that great when I said them so perhaps they’ll be more funny on print.


-Ok, Um there is a new bank system in Idaho that has come from the state of Utah. The name of the bank system is called “Zions Bank” they are from the state of Utah and this bank system is mainly run by Mormons. Well let’s hear it for the Mormons, the Mormons have their own bank system! Yes um, you can tell that this bank is run by Mormons because it’s the only bank system in Idaho that for every deposit you make in this bank, the Mormons take out 10% and keep it for themselves.

(Understanding the joke, the Mormons tax or tithe their members 10% of ALL their earnings)


-Ah, the Christian Coalitionists are planning a protest of the next Harry Potter movie because they say that it is too evil and too violent for children. Oh, yes but reading them stories about apostles being stoned to death, and prophets being beheaded, that’s OK huh?

(The reason why I told this one was because on Channel 11 there was a Bible TV show where a mother was reading in my opinion a very violent verse of scripture from the Old Testament to very young children and asked the young children to draw what they were hearing)


-Oh, and in good news, they caught the DAMN SNIPER! (Cameramen cheer) And of all of the times and places they caught the sniper he was sleeping in his car. Yes, uh Chief Moose asked the disoriented sleeping man, (Chief Moose Impersonation) “Uh, are you the sniper” (Impression of waking sniper) “Uh, YAWN! Yeah……huh? I mean NO! NOO! NOOO!!!”


FOR THE RECORD…WE DID NOT USE SCRIPTS. All of the skits were made at the last second! Since the #1 Story at the time were the Mid-Term Elections Matt and I did impressions from Elections in Iraq to the “Death of the DOW” and Al Gore giving advice on how to vote, then Al Gore goes crazy over the chads!



(Impression of Al Gore tearing a ballot with Chads to pieces “You’d have to watch it to understand”)


This episode was widely loved during the making of it, and was one of the very few times that I had a small audience. Dr. Pete Lutze (founder of TVTV Channel 11) laughed and loved this episode!


The Idaho Show Episode 7: Short Version

Original Airdate: November 23rd 2002



This was the short, short version of the show, only highlighting the Mid-Term Election results and to introduce Matt’s newest Girlfriend Bridget, (the redhead girl in the middle) this episode was only 12 minutes long I for one can’t believe it managed to get despite it’s shortness.


The Idaho Show Episode 8: The Goth

Original Airdate: December 6th 2002


Ooh, this was the weirdest episode to make. Bridget came over with a friend who was also a goth. This was one of the few episodes where Matt actually took more control. This episode also holds the record for the most guests that I had on my show. I watched this episode with Matt’s parents, we were all laughing our heads off while we watching it. It was a lot funnier than I thought.


The Idaho Show Episode 9: Cheap Christmas

Original Airdate: December 20th 2002, January 17th, and January 31st 2003



By far this one has been aired the most. It started out pretty bad because my Co-Host Matt got in two car accidents the day we were suppose to shoot. I get all crazy live on the air! I meant to have a friend of Matt’s on that night but instead they BOTH got in a car accident while on their way to the studio. So for the first time since Episode V I had to do the show by myself. Luckily I went to the dollar store to buy some new props but I wound up doing a whole sketch about it. So I presented a “$1 Dollar Christmas” items. Ranting and joking that we’re at a War on Terrorism and that we’re in a Recession so we had no choice but to buy cheap items for Christmas.



This was also the episode that I was suppose to have my Blind Date on, but she ALSO got in a car accident before the shoot of this episode. Over all, all who were in car accidents that day survived and are A-OK. And also I managed to make this episode very well, it’s another one of my top favorite episodes.


The Idaho Show Episode 10: Matt’s Return

Original Airdate: January 10th 2003 and February 7th 2003



Possibly our most boring episode I don’t even remember it, all I know is that this was the episode to show our viewers that Matt was OK from the car accident. I think that this was also the episode where Matt FINALLY got to talk more than me.


Oh, yes that’s right now I remember this episode. This is the episode where I made an Impersonation of Trent Lott. For the record there has already been small controversy that I was defending Trent Lott. For the record AFTER this episode I emailed Trent Lott and told him to RESIGN!




-Well you know what I don’t get is why is Trent Lott the #1 story I mean the guy said he was sorry, however even his apology wasn’t so good because he kept accidentally saying the “N” word when referring to blacks.

-Here’s a shocking story the Spanish Armada Navy stopped some ships that were carrying North Korean Scud Missiles can you believe this people? The Spanish still have an Armada? What is this the Santa Maria and the Pinta, Christopher Columbus ships?


The Idaho Show Episode 11: Skits-A-Hoy

Original Airdate: January 31st 2003 and February 21st 2003


This was the very first episode in which we used scripts for the first time (badly organized scripts that is) I did last minute skits ranging from making fun of Governor Dirk Kempthorne raising taxes, to the Human Cloning and etc.


There will be updates from time to time on how this TV Show is doing. But in the mean time.


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