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Introduction To DragonBallZ


They say that an opening is the most important part to a statement or a speech. But how can I describe the "GREATEST ACTION CARTOON EVER CREATED"!?!? I'm talking about





Unlike Pokemon, which has a straight dead on story, DBZ is split up can't explain DragonBallZ like this! To understand DragonballZ is like reviewing someone's life. The episode story line of DragonballZ is like a Soap Opera! THERE IS A TO BE CONTINUED IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!!!!!! THERE IS NO END!!! YOU TUNE IN THE NEXT DAY TO PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF.


You see characters get stronger. And you see characters grow, and grow up. When DBZ started on the first episode, Goku had a power level of about 630. Now he's over 3 Million!!! And we (the DBZ fans) saw him grow more powerful each episode. It didn't happen over night. We had to wait and watch by correct time. Which takes months! And it influenced some of us to exercise. Whenever DBZ would come on, we'd work out with Goku. Who needs Richard Simmons? Everyday watching DBZ, it would be a new day for the characters and us too. And that's why it's soooo addictive! BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE EPISODE IS A TO BE CONTINUED!


However, there was one problem with the schedule of DBZ. The only American Network that has it is Cartoon Network, and they tend to repeat the episode storyline all over again! And that's bad, because JUST THE FIRST AND SECOND SEASON LASTS MONTHS! So when Cartoon Network repeats the whole storyline, WE HAVE TO REPEAT THE WHOLE STORYLINE! How would you like to relive a bad day? Or repeat grade school? Well, that's what it feels like to us DBZ fans at times.


Because of the endless episodes, and because of the greatness of it. I had no choice but to separate them into 10 separate chapters. That is, compared to my other Review Pages. Here's chapter 1. Enjoy.


Chapter 1: How It All Began


Once upon a time, in a nice peaceful kingdom, lived a beautiful princess! Ah! PHYC!!! HA! HA! (I got ya!) (No, sorry)


About several years ago, (storyline time) or 2 years ago TV time, a spaceship crash-landed on an Earthling's farm. Then a humanoid figure floated out of the space pod and killed the Earthling with relative ease. The alien was surprised to see that Earth was still in one piece for some reason! Why? Because they sent an alien ahead of him years ago to destroy Earth. And obviously he didn't complete his mission in destroying it. So a new alien is here to find out why. The alien is a half human half-monkey like species called, SAIYANS! Remember that name. The alien's name was Raditz, and his power level (power level's measure strength and super powers) was 1200!! While the strongest Earthling (Piccolo) was only about 660! Raditz was 2X stronger than the strongest Earthling!


Raditz then found what he was looking for, the alien Saiyan that was suppost to destroy Earth long ago. Whom also happened to be, HIS LONG LOST BROTHER!!! And this alien that was suppost to destroy Earth long ago was named: GOKU! Or.........his Saiyan name was, "Kakarot". Raditz told Goku everything about his past. He told Goku that he was really an alien from outer space from the planet Vegeta and was sent to destroy Earth when Goku was a baby Saiyan.



Here’s a picture of Raditz in the wind


Goku refused to believe this. But it made sense, because Goku was an orphan. When Goku was a baby a ninja master named Gohan rescued Goku from drowning in a riverbank. But when Goku was a little boy, he was a wild maniac kid. Who even though as a child was already doing some damage to the place. That was until, day, Goku fell down a cliff and hit his head HARD! He forgot everything about the planet Vegeta. And his orders to destroy Earth. Then Goku changed into a whole new person. He was a friendly boy and a great warrior. Then Goku saved the world from an evil King who tried to steal the Dragonballs. Then he saved the world by defeating the evil Piccolo.


Raditz got his answer at why the Earth hadn't been destroyed when the Saiyans wanted it to be gone. But that was still no excuse for Raditz. He ordered Goku to kill at least 100 Earthlings and Raditz would destroy the rest and he'd call it even. Starting by killing his friends. Goku of course refused this, so Raditz KINDNAPPED Goku's son, Gohan. (Who was also a Saiyan like his father) Gohan was only about 5 or 6 years old so this was a very scary incident for him. Raditz knew that Goku had been too softened up by the Earthlings so Raditz decided to kidnap Goku's son (or his own Nephew!) so that Raditz could train him to be a great and powerful space fighter and he'd start the training now while he was young. But Goku went right after his so-called brother to save his son.


What are Saiyans? Basically Saiyans are SPACE NINJAS. DragonBallZ doesn't fight in space like Star Wars does, Saiyans fight bare handed like ninjas! But they fire HUGE fireballs! Saiyans are also space pirates, they'd take over a planet and then sell it off to someone. Or just be bullies and blow it up for fun just to get stronger.


Goku had no choice but to team up with his old ARCHENEMY Piccolo! Besides Piccolo wants to get back at Raditz for attacking him earlier. So the two set aside their differences for the sake of Earth. Because Saiyans, are so strong that they could blow up a planet JUST BY THINKING ABOUT IT IF THEY WANTED TO! Piccolo and Goku met up with Raditz and then THE FIRST OFFICIAL FIGHT IN DRAGONBALLZ HISTORY BEGAN!!!



Goku powered up to a power level of: 630 while Piccolo powered up to 660. Goku fired a HUGE FIREBALL AT RADITZ!

Goku firing a fireball


But Raditz was just too strong. He blocked that fire ball with relative ease! And the fire ball Goku used was about 3X's more big than the one you see above you. Raditz managed to beat Piccolo and Goku.



It wasn't a quick win, but Raditz won the fight with hardly any scratches.

Here Raditz is shooting Piccolo in the back. This is a simulation of the battle

Just before Raditz was about to kill his own brother, Gohan (just as a 5 or 6 year old boy) surged his power level to a killer power level of: 1400!!! STRONGER THAN RADITZ'S! Here's an example of Gohan's surge blast.

 Raditz was severely injured from Gohan's blast. Therefore he decided to kill Gohan when he was knocked out by his own blast. Goku grabbed Raditz and was willing to give his own life to save his son by holding Raditz down and Piccolo firing a 1400 power level "Beam Cannon" fireball. ..........It worked. But Goku died with Raditz because he had to hold him down to prevent Raditz from dodging or blocking the fireball. Goku committed "Kama Kazi" (suicide mission) to save his son and the Earth.


Just before Raditz died he sent an S.O.S signal to his other Saiyan Warrior partners. Who were 10X'S STRONGER THAN RADITZ HIMSELF!!! Raditz over heard about the Dragonballs and sent the message to his comrades. The 2 stronger Saiyans received the message and got in their spacepods headed for Earth. Before Raditz died, he told Piccolo that 2 other Saiyans were headed for Earth. And he told Piccolo that they were 10X'S STRONGER THAN HIMSELF! This scared the crud out Piccolo. Raditz was VERY HARD TO DEFEAT! The other 2 Saiyans were on the other side of the galaxy so it would take them an entire year to get to Earth.


Will Piccolo and the other of Earth's greatest warriors be ready on time for the Saiyan's arrival? Is one year enough to get stronger? What about Goku? Is he really dead? What will happen? This isn't even 1% of the over all DragonBallZ storyline! Find out on DragonBallZ on Cartoon Network.


Next time: On DragonBallZ Review


Goku IS DEAD!!! But wait! He's in the afterlife! Gohan's hidden powers, the Saiyans arrival and just plain getting ready. On "Chapter 2: The Longest Year".


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