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This page was written by GokuFievel

Understanding Pokemon

By GokuFievel

FAQ on Pokémon:

What in the World is Pokémon?! The Critics don’t answer a thing!!!




Ladies and Gentlemen, I was once in your shoes. For over a year I didn't understand Pokémon. I didn’t understand what all the craze was about besides the fact that I was a Nintendo fan. So for over a year I just ignored it. Until I met, DRAGONBALLZ! I was hooked to DragonballZ (DBZ)! And then later I was hooked to another Japanimation. SailorMoon. For 7 months I was interested in Japanimation or Anime as it’s now called. So then I decided to do research in other anime. Because anime or (Japanimation) is different compared to American animation. And then when I convinced myself that I was a true anime fan, I decided it was time to learn about Pokémon. And after only less than a month of getting into it, I also became a Pokémon lover! You see folks if you don’t understand Japaninmation, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND Pokémon. But don’t worry people you don’t have to learn about Pokémon the same way I did getting interested in other anime before getting interested in Pokémon. Today! Right here, right now, in this site I will tell you in plain English what Pokémon are!!! I will tell you in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). So that if your in a hurry you can go ahead and skip toward the question that your looking for.

I know that I am not worthy of being called a Pokemaster. There are some Pokémon fans that can name all 151 species and their types! But I think being a half-fan is even better because I can still understand the frustration of those who just don’t get it. First of all I’d like to tell you who, and who not to go to if you want to ask for advice from a real person. (What you don’t trust me!) First of all folks if you want to ask someone what Pokémon are NEVER EVER GO TO A MOVIE CRITIC!!! THEY ARE MORE CONFUSSED THAN YOU ARE! The Pokemon movie made history because for the first time ever……American movie critics had no response for it! You know how movie critics are……they’ll judge a movie just by glancing at it! But when they saw Pokemon, for the first time in Critic HISTORY 70% of all American critics didn’t know what to say!!! So you should never ask a movie critic about Pokemon. Also, you shouldn’t ask an ultimate Pokemaniac, because you won’t understand a word they say! So folks your better off with me!! OK, I will teach you in questions then lessons.

Update: On May 16th 2000, I my Pokemon Clear Up Page received the "Pokemon Castle Supreme Site Award!!!!!" Ladies and Gentlemen, this proves that I am worthy of teaching you to further understand the craze of Pokemon! Thank You Becky and the Pokemon Castle Site, for this award!


Yet Another Update: On July 29th of 2000 I was AWARDED THIS POKEMON AWARD ALSO!!! Both award company’s told me (and I’m not lying) that I had really good information to the people who don’t know much about Pokemon. I received a GOLDEN AWARD. Out of Silver, and Bronze. Once again, I am worthy of teaching you. This award was given to me by Ash and Pikachu’s Pokemon Zone! I would link you up with them, but they are going out of business. So I was the LAST PERSON TO RECEIVE THEIR AWARD!!!

1.What does Pokémon mean?

OK everybody, ready? Here’s your vocabulary equation.

Pokémon=Pocket Monster

The word Pokémon means Pocket Monster. Poke-mon "OH!" Now you get it! They are called this because…..well remember those red and white balls that Pokémon come in at Burger King? Those are called "Pokeballs". Pokeballs are a high tech gadget used to catch wild Pokémon. And once a "Pokemaster" catches one, he puts it in the Pokeball. And then puts it on his Pokémon belt or his pocket. Pocket Monster!

Lesson#1: Pokémon means, "Pocket Monster".


2.What are those creatures called Pokémon? Sure they’re cute but what in heaven’s name are they?

Pokémon are mystical creature animals that live in a specific world land. They each have their own special super powers. Such as: Thundershock, Rage, Ember, and much more! Just like in the movie "Jurassic Park", remember how they called the dinosaurs animals at times? Well, we tend to call Pokémon animals too. So that’s Lesson#2.


Lesson#2: Pokémon are animals with super powers and super abilities of their own. Which is why in the story and in real life, why the humans are so interested in them. Wouldn't we be interested if they were real? National Geographic comes to mind.


3.What’s the whole point of Pokémon? What’s their goal? What’s the storyline that has America crazed!?

Actually it's not just America that's crazed. In the Pokémon storyline every human character is a Pokémon fan. (And don’t forget that Japan was hooked on them back in 1997.) You know what they say about people here in America. “Everybody wants to be a famous: movie star, football player, or president.” Well, in the Pokémon world all of the people want to be "The Ultimate Pokemaster"! When you’re that, you’re famous to everybody! You’re bigger than Lavita Locka on a dancing field day. You’re a Pokemaster when: 1. When you catch all 151 species of Pokémon. 2. Train them all. 3.Win every challenge. 4.Win all of the Stadium Tournaments 5. And finally earn all 8 badges. The goal is to have ALL of the Pokemon and WIN every fighting tournament.


In the story a young boy named Ash is one of millions of other young trainers hoping to become the best Pokémon Trainer in the world. Ash has a rival named Gary, who challenged Ash to see who would get all of the species and Pokedex information first. (A Pokedex is a device that records every Pokemon you see and capture. Every Pokemon trainer MUST have one.) While on his first day as a trainer Ash caught a "Pickachu " little did he did know that he caught a very rare and powerful Pokémon. However, Ash is not a very good trainer so he hasn't been able to train Pickachu to use his full power yet. Also upon Ash's first day as a trainer he met a pretty girl named "Misty". She tagged along with Ash because Ash broke her bike. So she's not leaving him alone until he pays off the debt. Misty and Ash usually fight a lot. However, those two are in love! Believe me I can tell. They keep fighting and talking like they hate each other. But by the looks of it, the more they fight, the more it's a giveaway that those two are in LOVE! Ash paid off the debt a long time ago yet Misty still hangs out with Ash. Nothings better than a hidden romance. Misty and Ash are very similar to Ranma and Akane in Ranma 1/2 .


Ash collects more and more Pokémon in each adventure. They go from region to region till all of his goals are met. However there is one problem. "TEAM ROCKET!!" Team Rocket are the villains in the Pokémon story. Team Rocket are Pokémon Terrorists who: steal, destroy, criminalize, or torture Pokémon. The top 3 members of Rocket are: Jessie, James, and Meowth.


Team Rocket are the villains in the Pokemon storyline.


Jessie, James and Meowth keep following Ash and Misty because they want Pickachu. They know that Pickachu is a rare and powerful Pokémon and wish to add him to their collection. Ash and Misty have both stopped Team Rocket on many occasions by saving Pickachu. And they've stopped Rocket from committing other evil schemes too. All though Jessie, James, and Meowth are the top members of Team Rocket, THEY’RE KNUCKLEHEADS! Except for their boss, whom you can never see his face. Mysterious! So that's an overview of the storyline and lesson#3.

Here's a picture of Ash about to throw a Pokeball.

Lesson#3: The storyline of Pokémon are that the characters Ash and Misty have a goal of collecting all 151 species of Pokémon. And also to stop the evil "Team Rocket".


4. What's the Deal with Pickachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle? 

These are the 4 most popular Pokémon. And they’re the first on the list of the Pokedex. This is a common question because people see them a lot in Department stores all of the time. Pickachu is known as "the electric mouse". Bulbasaur is a plant type Pokémon. Charmander is fire type. And Squirtle is water type.


5.What's the point of training Pokémon?

You train Pokémon to fight other Pokémon!!!

 In the world of Pokémon people will challenge you to a duel. But instead of the two humans fighting each other they send in their Pokémon to do the fighting for them. Who knows maybe this is how we'll settle disputes in the future. So anyway they start the fight by getting the Pokeball out and then you throw it. Then you say "Go"! Then you say the Pokémon's name. Like "Go Pickachu!" The Pokeball opens and the Pokémon is free and ready to fight. Then you command the Pokémon to do a certain fight move that you taught. Still confused? OK here's another example. A story.


Let's say that you and your neighbor had dogs. And you wanted to see which dog could do the best trick. You make a bet with your neighbor. Then you train your dog for hours to do a really good and impressive roll. Now you go over to your neighbor. The bet is that the loser must mow the other man's lawn. You dog goes first. You command it to do the impressive roll. The dog obeys and does an impressive roll. BUT! Your neighbor's dog stands on its hind legs and jump ropes at the same time! YOU LOSE! MOW HIS LAWN!

That's one way of describing a Pokémon fight in an American manner. The point of Pokémon training is that the person has to get the most wins and tournament wins becomes the ultimate Pokemaster! After the fights over, (and sometimes they can last a long time!) The longest Pokémon fight I was in was probably 30 minutes long! I was fighting a tough customer. Usually a normal fight lasts about 4 or 5 minutes. Unless it's a real easy competitor. Anyway when the fights over, the Pokémon that lost just faints in defeat. It doesn't die. Pokémon DO NOT DIE IN FIGHTS! (Well, maybe sometimes.) Pokémon dying in fights is false rumor that I'd like to clear up!!! That's why this is called a "Pokémon Clear Up Page"! The human that lost must pay up his debt. After every time a Pokémon wins a fight, the Pokémon get stronger and sometimes evolves.

In other words folks for those of you who still don't get it. Pokémon fighting is just like "Cock Fighting" Only with mystical animals with super powers and nobody dies. (Unless Team Rocket gets personal.) The rules of Pokémon fighting are:1.The human is not allowed to fight the other human.2. No Pokeball throwing to steal the other person's Pokémon. 3. No cheap cheating 4. One Pokémon versing another ONE Pokémon. NO 2 AGAINST 1 ALLOWED! 5. No throwing Pokeballs at the other human. 6. No running out on a fight. Once you start you finish it! No forfeiting either, it must be finished off!

A quick word to the parents: No! No! No! This Pokémon fighting is not bad! It's good fighting. In fact it's not even fighting compared to DragonBallZ. It's good fighting remember: No one gets killed, no gambling in the debts, no blood or gore, (at least not often) and fair rules! So that's lesson #4.


Lesson#4: Train Pokémon to fight other Pokémon in challenges and Tournaments.


6.What's with the cards!? They're driving me nuts!!!

Pokémon cards are the real worlds way of doing Pokémon fights. (Game Boy too) In the cards are different types of Pokémon and a specific move. You draw a card and see what fight move it is. Depending on how much life you have left once someone defeats all of the opponents Pokémon, he wins and usually goes for another round. That's Lesson#5.


Lesson#5: Pokémon cards is the real worlds way of Pokémon fighting in a harmless game format like "Uno" 


7.What came first? The TV show or the Video Game?


In the year 1995 the Nintendo Company tried to think up a new game. Then they realized that the human race has had some hobbies and traits since the dawn of human intelligence. Mankind has had hobbies since the cavemen like state. Such hobbies as: Collecting, hunting, animal pets, fighting, riches, traveling, and others. Pokemon has all of these traits especially collecting and fighting. Therefore Nintendo put together those hobbies and traits into a storyline back in 1995. Then Japan got it in 1996 and 1997. We got it in 1998, but the craze didn’t start until 1999.


  8.How come Pokémon can't talk? It's annoying for me to hear them say their name over and over again!!!


Folks I've got a joke for you. "How are Pokémon and politicians the same?” A: For two reasons. One is, no one understands a word they say! And two, they both repeat their names over and over again! "Pika-Pika-Pickachu"="Bill, Bill, Bill Clinton""I am Bill Clinton" "Squirtle,Squirtle,Squirtle"="Bob Dole, Bob Dole, Bob Dole, come on people vote for me!" "Meeeooowwth!!!!"="VOOOTEEE FOR MEEEEE!!!! "Digglet used withdraw"="This Presidential candidate withdrawled! “Cubone can tend to be a mean Pokemon and cares only for itself”=Most politicians “Ditto is a Pokemon that has the power to morph or turn itself into anybody and anything.”=Follow the polls.

Ha!Ha!Ha! I'll bet now you've got it! I should have put this up front! And for those of you who didn't get those jokes, "What's the matter don't you watch CNN?"

Anyway Pokémon do talk, by repeating their name's over and over again. But they do it in a different tone each time. It's just like Morse Code. In fact it's exactly like Morse Code! Take this for example: "Pika-pi-pi-Pika-chu-chu-pikachu-chu" To me he said "I am speaking English" Pokémon speak in Morse Code and sometimes a Pokedex can interpret what they say. But not all Pokémon speak by repeating their names over and over again. Meowth and Mewtwo who are the villain Pokémon besides Team Rocket, they speak in plain English. And because their the villain Pokémon they need to speak in English (or Japanese as it originally was) or else what's the point of villains if they can't talk. EXEPT FOR DARTH MAUL HE CAN GET AWAY WITH NOT TALKING THROUGH OUT STAR WARS4!

"Pokémon saying their names over and over again?! Who thought that up? What a bad new idea!!!" OH PEOPLE! Pokémon are not the first to say the same thing over all of the time! REMEMBER THIS FAMOUS LINE?: "Beep, Beep!!!" YA! Remember the Roadrunner? His only line was "Beep, Beep!!!" And for 50 years he's gotten popular for that!!! This is nothing new! So this is lesson#6.


Lesson#6: Pokémon speak by repeating their names over and over again. But it's done in a tone similar to Morse Code. So it can be interpreted into English.


8.What's with that water droplet that sometimes goes over the characters heads?


The water droplet is not just in Pokémon it's in all Japanimation! Japanimation (anime) follows their own cartoon physics laws. The same goes for us in the U.S. Even though it's now the 21st century, new American cartoons still follows the old Loony Tunes cartoon physics laws. Like: The OLE' TNT gag, pie in the face, suspended gravity, gongs and bongs, and others. American animation has those physics laws while Japan has their own. Which is why Japanimation (anime) is taking America by storm! Because it's new and different! OH! Well, anyway the answer to that question is if you see a water droplet over any Japanimation character it means: that they are embarrassed, frustrated, or upset. The water droplet usually shows up for comic relief. Why it's a water droplet I REALLY don't know. It's Japan, they have their reasons!


9."Is Pokémon Evil?"-title of a "Newsweek" article. Is Pokémon right and safe for my child?


This is for all you parents out there!!! "Is Pokémon Evil" was the title of an upsetting "Newsweek" article that I read. I'm sure it upset many parents. Someone who didn’t know diddlysquat about Pokémon wrote it!!!!! Listen everybody, especially you parents, read my lips: Pokémon IS NOT EVIL OR BAD!!! Pokémon IS THE MOST "G" RATED AND FAMILY FUN FILLED ANIME THERE IS!!!!! Pokémon is a rare specimen even to the Japanese because over 4/5's of anime is not suitable for kids! But Pokémon is very good and suitable for kids and fans alike!!

Listen folks every time something is new and different in the world you’re going to have: panic, anger and frustration! Remember when Rock and Roll first rolled on in? Those who didn't understand it or liked it dubbed it: "Music of the D****" and "Evil music" But for those who loved the "Beatles" and "Elvis" it was far from bad, IT WAS RIGHTOUS! Parents think back to the day when your parents didn't understand your craze with something. When you thought that your parents were "Ungroovy". So if your child is a Pokémon fan, get a little interested with them, don't be a stone! Show that you care!

Now when something is new and different count on false rumors! That's what this page is here for, to clear up these false rumors. However some were true. There was a small problem with some of the Pokémon merchandise. The Pokeball's at Burger King were not suitable for small children for fear of the kids choking on the balls. Well, it wasn’t meant for toddlers! Plus kids were fighting over Pokémon cards at school. Well, that's against official Pokémon fighting rules. No human fighting allowed! So the school banned the Pokecards. Except for high school, the teens don't seem to have a problem. Other wise no other major issue problem needs to be notified to you people. So that's lesson #7.


Lesson#7:Whenever there is something new and different. Count on false rumors and prejudice against the new craze. This is nothing-new Rock and Roll went through the same thing.


10.I think that Pokémon's being a bad influence on my child's schoolwork. What do I do?

Obviously your child is a Pokemaniac! Not all kids or teens are a fan of Pokémon. Most of them are a half-fan like me. If I were you I'd take advantage of it. What do I mean? Pokémon actually can be educational. It teaches responsibility, Biology, and some math. The thing is to find these educational values and use them to help your child study for a test. In my high school Earth Science class, I had to name every mineral that was on this huge table. So what I did to help me remember was compare both the name of the mineral and it's color to a “Mortal Kombat” character. (Mortal Kombat was popular when I took this test) Like I'd remember Smoke to be the mineral of Graphite. Millena to be the bright color purple of the stone. And Reptile as the green rusted color of copper. (At least I think it was rusted copper) You can use Pokemon cards to help your child remember hard to remember vocabulary or other subjects. But only the hard to learn stuff, you wouldn't want to use Pokémon to help your child learn body parts! Get the cards out if they have it. (If your child's not much of a fan then don’t do it.) learn as much about the cards themselves. Then find a way to match up the subject with the cards.

Math is a very good subject too. Like this: A Bulbasaur has a power level of 25, and is challenged by a Weedle, which has a power level of 23. What is the difference between the two Power Levels? The answer is 2! Here's another one: Pickachu is at power level 25. It has 2600 experience points. It needs to get to 2850 to grow to power level 26. How many more points does it need to get to grow to power level 26? The answer is 250! This is really good for those Pokemaniacs who hate story math problem solving. They'll like this problem solving because they can relate to it! You know your child, you make up a game to help study for a test! I know it seems a little silly and weird but how do you think the Phonics Game got invented?


11.How long is this Craze gonna last?

  Ok, folks now it is a good time to talk about: PERSONAL CRAZES! (or fads) I know that I can not go down the list of every American craze (or fad). So I'll just go as far as 1989. Listen folks Pokémon is not the first to take America by storm. There were others but I can't tell you in this manner. Just picture me as an old man!!! "In my day we had real crazes! Back in 89' or was it 87’, I don’t know!? Anyway back then, well, this will be hard for you but, think back to a time… a time unlike this one. Back in those days there was no Internet! The only "Windows" we had in our computer rooms were the windows to see outside. There was no DVD or home theater! Movies still used miniatures instead of computer animation. Mario Brothers and Contra was it for video games, and to us it didn't get any better than that! And finally there was…no… Pokémon!" "Aargrgrr!!!" "Moohaa! Good ghost story huh?" (Hold on a minute folks, I want you to take a look at that list up there for a minute, have you noticed? Yes! LOOK HOW GREAT THE WORLD HAS GOTTEN IN LESS THAN 10 YEARS!) "Anyway, everybody today is all 'Darth Maul this and Pokémon that' Ha! In my day me and the world were……… TURTLE MANIA!!!!!!


In 1987-1995 the world especially America became Turtle fanaticized with "The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". When it first premiered in the late 80's the critics all agreed that the show was going to go down in flames. (Remind you of anything? Yep! The critics hated Pokémon too.) But the kids and the teens loved the show! It seemed like the perfect storyline. "Leonardo, Donetello, Michelangelo, and (my favorite) Raphael, were America's favorite hero's for over 4 years! The show was on for almost 8 years but only 4 or 5 of the years, the world, fans, and media revolved around them. With 194 episodes, 3 movies, and Millions of dollars in merchandizing they were happinen'!

It was doing very well, even the Turtle's creators were surprised that it was doing so well! Like Pokémon the adults didn't get it. "Turtles who are ninjas!? Give me a break! Turtles are slow reptiles!"-that was my father talking back in 89'. But unlike Pokémon, Ninja Turtles were easier to understand. And they had a much bigger teenage audience, because of Michelangelo’s surfing. The Turtles were on Oprah, Time magazine, they got about 5 to 6 Nintendo games, you name the turtles had it in their time. They were doing very well, ……..until………..the Ninja Turtles were beaten……………………..a new craze!………….."The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers"

When Power Rangers first aired, everyone knew that the Ninja Turtles were in trouble! Power Rangers took all of the Turtles ratings! And the Ninja Turtle craze died out. And so that's the end of the Turtle craze, but not the end of the Turtles. They went on to do the show for 2 more years. Then they aired they last episode in 1995. "AND I MISSED IT!" So then America, the fans, and the media turned to Power Rangers. Rangers was good because instead of it being animation, it was live action ninja fighting with real moves! And that grabbed all of our attention. However unlike Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers didn't grab much of the teenage society. And once again the critics were clueless and so were the parents……..until……..the parents had a problem with the show.

When Rangers were popular, kids wanted to be Rangers too. So the kids would karate chop each other. Parents were stunned at why their kids were fighting until they found the source. Once again when you have something that's new and different, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle. Parents all over by the hundred thousands were writing very angry letters to the producers. "20/20, Dateline, and 60 Minutes" did reports on the “Angry Parents vs. The Power Rangers”. The parents said that it was too violent for kids. And frankly in my point of view Rangers was NOT a "Die Hard" like show. It had mystical monsters like any fairy tale, mystical weapons, (no guns!), real karate moves, and good morals. There was no gore and blood. But parents were still angry. Mainly because 83% of them were moms NOT dads. The dads would sometimes watch it with their kids. I'll agree that the show was not for little kids under 5, but 7 and over go ahead and watch. In my point of view for the first time in entertainment history, THE PRODUCERS GAVE INTO THE PARENTS DEMANDS!!! And then the Power Rangers became, sloppy!

 It wasn't as good as it was before. They took out all of the good stuff that kept the audience in! Rangers did really bad from that point on. The Rangers had self-destructed themselves. But unlike the Ninja Turtles, they were not going to go out without a fight! The producers decided to change the storyline to “Power Rangers Turbo”. Turbo almost killed off the Power Rangers!!! Then they turned into “Rangers in Space” then to “Rangers Lost Galaxy”. The producers pulled it off, they stayed in the race! But they lost the best of their audience. When Rangers went bad they lost the CRAZE, CRAZE. Now today Rangers is still popular, but it's been narrowed down to a small craze.

And so there you have it the 2 biggest crazes that came before Pokémon. Can you see the similarities? Yes! All 3 crazes, (Turtles, Rangers, and Pokémon) were all ninja fighting forms, had some connection with Japan, have weird looking creatures, all have or had a turtle related animal, all have a kid star in it, and all 3 took America and the media by storm.


Anyway, sorry for the long stretch. So the answer to the question 'How long is this (Pokémon) craze going to last?' The Turtle and Ranger craze lasted about 4 years each even though both shows kept going when there was no more craze. So does that mean that Pokémon will last for 4 years? How long will this craze last? I really hate to say this folks, but,……Pokémon's only got about a year left in it. It WILL remain as popular as it is now for 6 months because of Pokémon Stadium coming in and because of the second movie. Pokémon will ether die out or something bigger will come in UNLESS. Pokémon does what Rangers did to survive. They must alter the storyline. Like adding more Pokémon to the Pokedex. So far the craze has lasted for 2 years. Pokémon came out in 98’. So that is your last lesson for this Pokémon learning course. (Hey! You made it!)

Lesson#8: Pokémon isn't the first major craze. Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers came before Pokémon yet had some similarities. All 3 are ninja related, animal related, and all 3 had the same impact on the world and in the press. Even though the shows lasted for a very long time the craze itself lasted only 4 years each. Pokémon has been out for 2 years and sadly it's only got about 1 more year left in it unless they change the storyline for good.


Update 7/27/00: Looks like I was wrong. It seems that Pokemon will go on for another year. It just might make the exact same time that Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers made with 4 years. Attention parents, the Pokedex has been expanded!!! There are another 151 Pokemon coming soon in “Pokemon Gold and Silver.”


All right! So there you have it! You made it! That's your class time lessons for the day! I sure hope I answered your questions on Pokémon. Or at least learned something from it. If I did not answer a specific question, HEAD STRAIGHT FOR MY GUESTBOOK THIS MINUTE! And tell me your question so I can add it to this page. All right everybody!? Please see the rest of my page! Thank you-GokuFievel. "Class Dismissed!"

Here are all of the lessons again for you. And for those who were impatient and decided to cheat by just looking at the brief lessons first!


Lesson#1: The word Pokémon means, "Poketmonster".


Lesson#2: Pokémon are animals with super powers and super abilities of their own. Which is why in the story and in real life humans are so interested in them. Wouldn't we be if they were real? Nation Geographic comes to mind.


Lesson#3: The story line of Pokémon are that the characters Ash and Misty's goals are to catch and train all 151 Pokémon. And to also stop the evil Team Rocket.


Lesson#4: You train Pokémon to fight because you must become the ultimate Pokémon Master. And you do that by winning every challenge and Tournament.


Lesson#5: Pokémon cards is the real world's way of Pokémon fighting in a harmless card game format like "Uno".


Lesson#6: Pokémon speak by repeating their names over and over again. But it's done in a Morse Code format. So it can be interpreted.


Lesson#7: Whenever there is something new and different count on false rumors and prejudice against the new craze. This is nothing new, Rock and Roll went through the same thing.


Lesson#8: Pokémon isn't the first major craze. Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers are 2 big ones that came before Pokémon. But all 3 crazes have similarities. All 3 are ninja related, have had mystical animals, super powers, and have had a major impact on society and the media. Pokémon has about a year left in it unless it changes its storyline for the better. In the mean time now it has gone back to a quiet craze.


Farewell everybody! Or should I say: "Picka-pika-chu-chu!!!"


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