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DBZ Chapter 12

The Cell Games


Androids 17 and 18 have been absorbed by Cell……and now Cell has been transformed into a PERFECT CELL!!! Cell has done what no other living thing can do……have a perfect body! With the Androids components in place, Cell’s body was transformed into an invincible state.



Vegeta was nearly killed by Cell’s new body, and Trunks could do no damage. Trunks powered up to beyond full power of a Super Saiyan, but that was the problem, Trunks had powered up in so much that his speed was way down. Therefore Cell had plenty of time to knock Trunks out. Even though Trunks’ valiant efforts were powerful…he still LOST!!!



However……Cell noticed that Trunks and Vegeta had gotten stronger in the past day in a short amount of time. Cell like all Saiyans decided to give the DBZ Fighters a fair chance at beating Cell in an official way to make himself be stronger. 


Cell told Trunks that he’d rather destroy the Earth with everybody knowing about it. In other words……bring out the cameras! Cell challenged all of the Z Fighters to a Tournament called the “Cell Games”. It would be modeled after the “World’s Martial Arts Tournament” the same tournament that made Goku famous in his youth. The Tournament would be in 10 Days and the fighters had to show up on time. If all of the Earth’s fighters are defeated in the Tournament then the Earth will be destroyed by Cell.


Trunks had no choice but to represent the other DBZ Fighters by accepting the challenge because Trunks was no match for Cell now.


Once all of the fighters were alerted they went back to training. And when the Cell Games were challenged……Goku and Gohan had completed their training! And Gohan was now a SUPER SAIYAN!!! But Gohan being a Super Saiyan may have been too little too late.



Meanwhile Cell alerted the Press by destroying half of a major city and by telling the media about the Cell Games and what the outcome would be if all of Earth’s fighters lost. Cell wanted the Media to be at the Cell Games so that the people of Earth would be at constant fear of the tournament.


Unfortunately the media went, “If it’s got nothing to do with George W. Bush, Gore, Clinton, the Election, Abortion, the Environment, Gas Prices, or Tax Cuts…we don’t want to hear about it!



Just kidding, they never said that! The Media was stunned and scared of Cell instantly! Suddenly the whole world was alerted about Cell’s threat. The media then did 24-Hour coverage of the Cell Games, but they did NOT know anything about Goku or the Z Fighters. They just assumed that one of Earth’s celebrity fighters would save the day.


Half way to the tournament Goku went over to New Namek (the planet) and selected Dende to be the Earth’s new guardian since Kami was morphed with Piccolo. Dende humbly accepted the job and when Dende became the new guardian of the Earth…the Dragonballs were revived! But Dende recreated the Dragonballs in so much so that they could get two wishes instead of just one. Goku set out to collect the new Dragonballs to use as insurance for the Cell Games.



Then the tournament came…the world was watching the news. But unfortunately some people weren’t taking it seriously. The government sent their best fighter named Hercule to the Tournament.



Hercule was a fighter only for fame. He never fought unless there were news cameras around him. But Hercule was also more popular than NSYNC to the people! The people unanimously agreed that there was nothing to worry about because their (so-called) hero was on the scene.



But when the DBZ Fighters flew in to the tournament (literally) both Hercule and the Media were shocked! However……Hercule dismissed it as a hoax or magic trick.



The Media (like during the Election) played favorites and TOOK SIDES with Hercule whole heatedly ignoring the DBZ Fighters! The Media persisted that the Z Fighters leave and let Hercule beat Cell on his own. The Media didn’t know that the DBZ Fighters were the ones who started this. Hercule kept denying that the Z Fighters were fighters at all and persisted that the DBZ Gang were just loyal fans of his. And the media hung on every stupid word Hercule said and so the press went very one sided.



The Cell Games began with Hercule’s student fighters……in other words the other fighters of Earth challenged Cell first.


The rules of the Cell Games are simple. 1. If you get knocked out of the ring or touch the ground outside of the ring…you lose. 2. If you surrender you lose. 3. And of course…if you die you lose. There is no time limit and no match drawing board and there are no rematches.


Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!!


None of the Earth’s normal fighters, even though they were stronger than the average Joe…didn’t even touch Cell! The Media rooted Hercule on and on and all of the people watching TV had full confidence that Hercule was going to win……but Hercule not only was unable to hurt Cell……but Hercule TRIPPED!!! And then Cell knocked him out of the ring. Hercule’s match lasted for less than 30 seconds……the Earth’s Celebrity Hero, had fallen. The Media and the world PANICED!!! All of the celebrity fighters had lost! The people and the media weren’t going to trust the DBZ Gang because…well…they weren’t celebrities! The attitude of it was like this.


Let’s say that America enters the Olympic Games during the Cold War, and ALL of the American athletes were either defeated or kicked out of the Olympic Games. Would America be rooting for England or France to take down the Communist Countries for us? They would, but still we’d be upset that it wasn’t US taking the enemy countries down. That’s pretty much how the Earth felt about the Cell Games, and why they persisted on rooting for Hercule. 


Goku then entered the ring as a full Super Saiyan. The bell rang and Goku and Cell fought out full blast! Cell and Goku fought so fast that they disappeared because you couldn’t see them any more from their speed. Cell and Goku fired fireballs and flew in the sky to fight.



The Media was absolutely STUNED! However Hercule made the Media believe that it was still all a bunch of magic tricks. So the Media believed Hercule and reported to the people of Earth that Hercule was the only one who fought for real and that Cell and the unknown guy with the yellow hair (Goku) were just hoaxes.


Cell then powered up on Goku then Cell used FRIEZA’S POWERS!!! Cell fired a Distructo Disk that followed Goku everywhere just like on Namek. Goku speedily flew down and super punched Cell then Cell knocked Goku back into the air.


The media couldn’t keep up with the intensely fast fighting.


So if I was the Media……I would have gone something like this.


And Goku super flies down and punches Cell. And Cell does a swift kick down, but Goku dodges it. And now Goku rolls to the left and Cell punches the ring by accident missing Goku. And Goku flies into the air-kicking Cell in the face with both feet while in mid air! And OOO!!! Cell punches Goku right south of the boarder! And Goku is seriously in pain but he comes right back anyway. And so now he OWW!!! Elbows Cell right in the face! This fight ain’t over yet folks we’ll be right back after this word from our sponsors!


Goku and Cell had incredibly powerful powers and moves but they had to limit themselves because they both had to stay in the ring. When they’d fly into the sky they had to stay within the ring’s area. And all the other DBZ Fighters could do was watch in amazement and stress knowing that they could be next.

Hercule and the Media wouldn’t SHUT UP about the Cell Games being a bunch of tricks. But that’s what you get from Ted Turner and Jamie Kellner! The reason why this was so odd was because this was the first time since The Battle of Nappa and Vegeta that the press showed up. So the Media can be distracting to the fighters sometimes.


Even though the Cell Games were being fought out very well……both Goku and Cell were holding back their powers. What they were doing didn’t even break the ice nor cut the butter. (That’s just new phrase I just made up) But then when Cell was caught off guard……POW!!! Goku nailed Cell and then Cell went flying towards the ground! Cell was only inches away from touching the ground but then he levitated back into the ring. Cell then super punched Goku and then Goku nearly missed the ground by mere centimeters! Cell then realized something…both of them had been holding back their true super powers, and if either one of them had fallen out of the ring, the game would have been over too easily. So Cell made a decision. No More Rules! He then DESTROYED THE RING STADIUM and decided that the Cell Games be fought out in the open and without holding anything back!


Now Goku and Cell were out in the open desert with the world still watching on TV. Goku and Cell fought it out this time not holding anything back! Goku powered up to his MAXIMUM the whole world shook from his intense power! But Cell only powered up about half way while Goku was giving his all.



Firing Fireballs the size of mountains and Goku trying to block them, it was obvious that Goku was being out done! So Goku tried something desperate…he powered up to his MAXIMUM ready to fire the BIGGEST KAMEA MEA FIREBALL HE EVER USED!!! But Goku was in the air and if he used this fireball…he might accidentally blow up the Earth if he misses Cell or even hit Cell.



Cell started to panic realizing that he couldn’t block such and intense fireball. Cell started to call Goku’s bluff because he knew Goku wouldn’t sacrifice the Earth’s atmosphere just for victory. If Goku fired the fireball…it might go through the Earth and destroy the core or it might hit the Earth and create a nuclear winter effect as if a comet hit the Earth. Everybody thought that Goku was just kidding or threatening but he was going to fire……then just before he fired the Kamea Mea Fireball……he used the Instant Transmission and teleported RIGHT IN CELL’S FACE!!! Then Goku fired the powerful Fireball directly at Cell at point blank range then the rest of the blast was aimed into space avoiding the Earth!




Cell was topless……literally……all that was left were his legs!!! Goku had won the Cell Games!


The Media immediately demanded to know Goku’s name but they persisted on asking Hercule who this guy was as if Hercule knew. Hercule was about to claim that Goku worked for him.


The Cell Games winner and champion……the one the only……SUPER SAIYAN GOKU!!!!!! Let’s give him a hand!!!!!!! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!


ZING!!!!!! POW!!!!!!


But then Cell’s feet stood up……and then his whole body was reformed! Once again Cell used Piccolo’s DNA to recover himself from injury even if it was certain death! Cell could have been destroyed down to his foot and he could still have revived himself. Because of the fact that Cell also had Saiyan DNA, Cell gets stronger for every time he recovers himself. So Cell powered up and created a fireball bigger than the mountain range itself!


But just before Cell was about to fire it on Goku……GOKU SURRENDERED!!!!!!


Goku’s NEVER SURRENDERED BEFORE!!!!!! ESSPECIALLY WHEN HE FOUGHT FRIEZA!!!!!!! SO WHY NOW!?!?!? Goku used his Cell Game right to quit while he was alive. And decided that Goku’s only son Gohan should fight Cell. Nobody especially the Media could believe Goku’s crazy plan of attack! Sacrifice his only son for victory?


But Goku reassured everybody that Gohan was stronger than himself and Gohan just didn’t know it yet.


So now it was Gohan’s turn.



But the second Gohan got out on the battlefield Cell was creaming him! But then Android 16 who had become an ally saved Gohan and tried to beat Cell.



But because of the fact that Android 16’s powerful self-destruct move had been disabled, Android 16 found himself helpless before Cell despite his superior strength! Then Cell very easily destroyed and crushed Android 16. 16 was killed! Therefore, Gohan had to resume fighting by himself again.



The Press couldn’t believe their eyes that a child was fighting! Why they could have called the Human Rights People! Hercule then pretended to be sick when he heard that he might have to fight Cell again. (Can you believe this guy!?) But Android 16 remains (or his head in this case) managed to roll over to the Media and to Hercule. Android 16 requested a favor from Hercule to throw Android 16’s head back to the battle so that 16 could give Gohan some advice that he needed to hear. Hercule at first refused to do so, but then Hercule had to face the fact that he really was a fighter, and he wanted to prove to himself that he wasn’t a fighter for fame and fortune.


Hercule entered the battle to help Gohan by helping Android 16 give his message to Gohan. It turns out that Gohan was severely holding back because for one, he didn’t trust himself, and two because he didn’t want to hurt anyone on the sidelines from his major blasts. So Android 16 advised that Gohan let go of all the weights holding Gohan back. Cell killed Android 16 once and for all after 16 gave as much advice as he could. But then when Cell also noticed that Gohan wasn’t giving his all despite 16’s advice. Cell decided to attack Gohan’s family and friends instead to get the child Super Saiyan angry!



Cell created miniature versions of himself called Cell Juniors. The Cell Juniors then went after all of the other fighters and started to kill them! Cell using his friends and family as hostages, finally got Gohan angry and so he fought Cell as strong as his body could achieve. For a while Cell couldn’t keep up with Gohan. Cell then got frustrated, but kept his cool when he realized that Gohan was very beatable, and getting tired.



Gohan and Cell fought in every way from fireballs to super speed, but somehow Cell always had the upper hand yet Goku kept his cool because he somehow believed that Gohan was beyond stronger than Cell. Did Goku make a big mistake by surrendering and making Gohan take his place?



Gohan kept fighting Cell to his limit. But it was still not enough!


How will the Cell Games end? Who will win? Who will die? And I assure you characters will die! I am
NOT going to tell you how the rest goes but this is about half of the Cell Games. So who will be the Final Victor?




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