An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West

Believe it or not, besides the fact that (AT1) was a great film even for the Academy to like, the most popular American Tail (AT) film was (AT2)Fievel Goes West! Why? Only one word, its: HILIARIOUS!!! But a good hilarious, you laugh with the film and not at it like most films these days. AT2 is also among one of the greats in the animated film history. However it is not all comedy, it's also got adventure and feeling too. And is also another one of my top favorites! The reason why it is so funny is because of Tiger. Before there was Meowth or Jar-Jar-Biggs there was Tiger!

Drawing done by me, GokuFievel. (Neat Huh?)

The story begins in New York City but not where AT1 left off. This takes place several years later. Fievel is a little older maybe in his pre-teens around 10. He dreams of being a great cowboy western hero, but he can't do that in the big apple. Never the less, he keeps wanting and dreaming of a better life. It turns out that America isn't as great as Europe said it to be. And Tanya was a great singer, but she was getting no respect for her talent in New York.

Tiger had a girlfriend named Ms. Kitty but then she decided to dump Tiger and head out west. Now here's the interesting part! The voice of Ms. Kitty was Amy Irving STEVEN SPIELBERG'S EX:WIFE!!! Spielberg made AT2 because Bluth was busy making Rock-a-doodle. When Spielberg got divorced from Irving which happened during the making of AT2! The divorce was a nice clean break from Spielberg and Irving. No vase throwing, no fights, just a nice clean understandable break. So the scene in AT2 where Ms. Kitty leaves Tiger IT WAS SIMBOLIC TO SPIELBERG'S DIVORCE! A nice clean break.

Anyway in the story Ms. Kitty leaves Tiger because he's too much of a coward. And she wants more opportunities in the west. Once again every single AT film has some historical significance. During this time a lot of people really were moving out west! 

At this time there was another mice terrorist gang in New York. They were committing the greatest cat attack hit since the Mott Street MaulersThe Cactus Cat Gang run by the notoriously evil Cat R.Waul had a wide planned out plot in which this cat attack was only the begging of his plan. That's what I love about these Bluth films, THEY HAVE GREAT AND BELIEVABLE VILLIANS! Unlike most animation these days making the villains knuckleheads. Bluth films always have convincing villains. Anyway Fievel wasn't going to accept this cat attack! So once again he tries to be the hero at the wrong time. This is a tip for all of you mice out there, never call a cat a "Furhead!". Fievel did, BIG MISTAKE! He narrowly escapes the jaws of an angry cat and manages to escape. Fievel then goes down into the sewers where there is a mouse meeting going on. It turns out that there is a mouse selling tickets out west. Thinking that the west would be better than the city the mice buy the tickets out west. Fievel takes the opportunity and heads out west along with every other mouse in the meeting. But little do they all know that this whole thing is all a set up!

Drawing done by GokuFievel

Tiger recovers from the cat attack battle, he tried to save Fievel but Cat R.Waul had a secret weapon,......Tiger's afraid of spiders! So anyway after Tiger recovers he finds out that Fievel was headed out west. Tiger lost his girlfriend, his family, and one of his nine lives, he wasn't going to loose his best friend too! So Tiger goes after Fievel's train. But here's where it gets........ha!..whoo! ha ha!!!............I can't tell you anything about here except, "Jar-Jar-Biggs eat your heart out!"

2 Days later on the train out west Fievel decided to do some exploring on the train. He went into the car where Cat R.Waul was staying in having a meeting with the Cactus Cat Gang. The cats didn't know Fievel was listening to they're every word. It turns out that the cat attack in New York was just to lure the mice out west by taking them out of their strong holds where the cats could take em' all! However the plan was that the cats were to act nice to the mice to fool them thinking that the west was the place for vegetarian cats. Then when they'd least expect it, WHAM! MOUSE BURGERS! The leader of the cats Cat R.Waul thinks of himself as a brilliant genius. In which ways he is. Fievel always seems to come upon either brilliant genius collage boy cats or rich ones. Here's a small chart.

Warren T. Rat: Rich (AT1)

Cat R.Waul: Genius, rich (AT2)

Mr. Grasping: Rich (AT3)

During the meeting Fievel blew his cover by saving a mouse trapped in the meeting. Cat R.Waul caught Fievel in the act, asking him 'how much did he hear?' About to devour the young mouse torturing him in butter sauce tempted to eating Fievel, Cat R. Waul suddenly changed his mind. 

Drawing done by GokuFievel

He decides to set him free. Because if Cat R. Waul eats Fievel now: then the other mice would miss him, come looking for him, find the cats in the boxcar, and ruin the whole plan! So he let's Fievel go after nearly killing him there and then. But he only let him go for 5 seconds! He hired his best man to ambush Fievel outside where all of the mice could see so that it would look like that Fievel fell off by accident. The plan worked! Fievel fell off the train somewhere in the Nevada, California dessert. 

Fievel has a bad habit of falling off vehicles whenever he travels! First he falls off a boat in the North Atlantic, then he falls off a train in the dessert, then he nearly gets crushed by a subway, WHAT'S NEXT AN AIRPLANE? OR A UFO!?!? Fievel is now lost in this oversized beach without an ocean! But he's not alone! Tiger fell off of a Steamboat, then a stagecoach headed west. Now Tiger's in the dessert! "Lost all alone, in a million acre cat box! Phooey!"-Tiger. Fievel must now get to the western town of Green River so that he can warn the mice about the cats plan. But right now he needs to worry about himself! He must overcome the odds of: dying of thirst, snakes, scorpions, Hawks, Eagles, and being run over by a podracer! (YESH! Star Wars Episode 1 wasn't that great! So why am I mentioning it so many times in my site!?)

Can Fievel make it to Green River on time? How can he stop the cats? How can he survive the dessert? Find out yourself buy or rent this great movie!!! I've only told you how it starts off.

Movie Checklist

Rated:G, who says that if its rated G that it has to be boring!?

For who:Everyone! Not just kids! This is the perfect family get together movie!

Year:1991 Theater

Time:1:15 but it seems longer when you first see it.

Action:Whoo Hoo!!! Cat attacks, chases, waterfall, trains, hawks, and an old fashioned western round up!

Violence:Mice's homes blow up or get torn down in a violent way. Gun shots, Tiger's guts, Kentucky Fried Hawk.

Language:Is "Furhead" bad? I'd say that the strongest is "Moron" but it's said quietly in the background.

LoveMaking:Tiger goes after his girlfriend. Tanya wishes to be a showgirl at the saloon.

Cast:Produced by Spielberg. 

Fievel: Phillip Glasser

Tanya: Cathy Cavadini (She's Blossom in the Powerpuff Girls!)

Cat R. Waul: John Cleese (He's the new Q that goes by the name "R" in the latest 007 film)

Ms. Kitty: Amy Irving (Spielberg's ex-wife, Carrie 1 and 2)

Wylie Burp: James Stewart (It's a Wonderful Life)

Music:Great high pitch and base stereo sound! The London Symphony Orchestra did music. The same bands that played for the Star Wars films. 

4 Musical numbers, all great, and sung at the right time! What makes (AT2)'s musical numbers so great are that there is action going on while they're singing it! Cathy Cavidini (Tanya, Powerpuff Girls) sings her own songs VERY well.

Awards:Lost Oscar nominations to "Beauty and the Beast". James Horner was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the song "Dreams to Dream". He lost, when he should have won, that was a good song in AT2.

Pros:EVERYTHING! I still get goosebumps whenever I watch this one too! No matter how many times I've seen it, it's always a winner for me! Great music, great voices acting, great animation, great comedy, great action, GREAT EVERYTHING! Need I say more?

Cons:I just wish that it could have been a bit longer. But when making kids films (even though this suits everyone of all ages!) they have a time limit. Don Bluth was furious whenever the studios would take out a lot of his work just to save time. I know someone that used to know Don Bluth! And Bluth told this person that he didn't like it when people removed 30 minutes worth of great film! Bluth didn't make AT2 but this film also must have had some good stuff taken out of it too. Other wise they left other good things in it too!

Just go buy or rent it!


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