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A Mouse On A Role!!!

A Biography of Phillip Glasser

(The Former Voice of Fievel)



Like I said before the last Bio of Phillip Glasser was WAY OFF!!! Therefore, instead of doing a full fledged Bio. I decided to show you my interview with him. For all of the Don Bluth and Fievel fans out there, this should answer a whole bunch of questions!


First of all for those of you Anime fans, like I said An American Tail is my favorite movie. And the voice of the child mouse…Fievel Mouskewitz was done by Phillip Glasser.


Phillip Glasser was born in Tarzana California on October 4th 1978. He tried out for the part of Fievel in 1984 when he was 6. He got the part and began work on the film with Don Bluth and Dom DeLouise. The film was shown in Theaters on November 21st 1986 the year it was the 100th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. The movie got GREAT REVIEWS and earned Millions of dollars at the box office!


Phillip continued to work both as an actor and as a voice over. When he was 10 or 11 he began working on An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West. The second film too, did well in the box office, but not as much as the first one.


“Phillip I hope you don’t mind if I have this picture of you.”


Phillip then did some more voice overs for such films as: “Bebe’s Kids, Frosty the Snowman Returns, Troll in Central Park, The Secret of NIMH 2, and a few others.


But he prefers to be best at live acting not voice acting. And he is a great actor!!! He has been in the movies: “S. Princess, Fait Accompli, Fallen Arches, and the HBO special Cutaway”.


But his best work has been TV shows. Phillip Glasser is best known as the NBC “Hang Time” star! He played Eugene Brown on the show. The TV show Hang Time is still on NBC on Saturday Mornings.


Phillip has been on many guest star appearances for the TV Shows: “Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Saved by the Bell The New Class, Coach, Boy Meets World, and Tiny Toon Adventures”. Notice anything about those above? Yep! They’re all sitcoms. So he’s definitely had fun with those.


Phillip’s family consists of one brother, one sister, and of course two parents. His brother’s name is David, his sister’s name is Michelle, his mom’s name is Rosalie, and his father’s name is Richard.


Phillip is currently working on an independent film with Christopher Walken called, “Pool Hall Junkies”


In May of the year 2000, Phillip Glasser finally got married to his High School sweetheart, Elise Shirley. Elise is also an actor, (or actress).


Here is the interview that I had with him over the Internet around the first week of November in the year 2000. 


Interview with the Mouse…I mean Man!!!


1. Q: (Asked by JR): Was Fievel’s appearance based on your own? In other words did they copy features of your face and the way you moved and incorporate them into Fievel?


A: Phillip Glasser: Not really, as with most Cartoon Characters there will always be some things about the person that are seen in that character, personally, prominent traits, etc. But I think that is just pure coincidence.


2. Q: (Asked by JR): You wake up one morning and you’re richer than Bill Gates. What would you spend the money on? Not including Charities.


A: Phillip: I would never want or desire THAT amount of money. I am happy with the lifestyle that I lead now, and along with that kind of money that comes responsibilities and dangers that I would never want to step foot into.


3. Q: (Last Question by JR): What would you like to achieve in your lifetime that you have not yet achieved?


A: Phillip: Run a successful production company. And do projects that I believe in. AND always be able to provide support for my family.


4. Q: (From Bryan Hoskins): Where did you graduate from and what year?


A: Phillip: San Fernando Prof. School Class of 1996.


5. Q: (Last Question by Bryan Hoskins): What film are you making in Utah right now?


A: Phillip: “Pool Hall Junkies” with Christopher Walken, Chaz Pomentri, Rick Schroder, Michael Rosenbuam, and Ansen Mount. It is an Independent film.


6. Q: By Me GokuFievel: How was Don Bluth while he made it?


A: Phillip: GREAT!!! One of the most wonderful men I ever met!!!


7. Q: GokuFievel: How did you act the part of Fievel?


A: Phillip: Just did it, I had a lot of help from Don…and tons of support from the rest of the cast!


8. Q: GokuFievel: When playing Fievel in AT2 and the American Tail TV Series, did you study on how to talk like a cowboy?


A: Phillip: Once again, I just did it.


9. Q: GokuFievel: I've noticed that you've had a lot of parts with Dom DeLouise and Don Bluth. Was there a friendship relationship with them? Was Dom DeLouise nice to you while making the films?


Picture from by Don Bluth's ToonTalk Issue 4.


A: Phillip: Yeah we were all friends, and Don liked are chemistry so he used us
again. Dom DeLouise was very nice, and so much fun to work with too.


10. Q: GokuFievel: I know 2 people that live in my area who used to know Bluth personally. They said that Bluth was forced to cut some scenes out of his films. Were there any AT scenes cut out? Could you describe them and why they were cut?


A: Phillip: I wouldn't know. I was not involved in the editing.


11. Q: GokuFievel: Were you upset when your scene was cut from Star Trek Insurrection?


A: Phillip: No Comment.


12. Q: GokuFievel: If there was any other movie that you could have been in or tried out
for, what film would it have been? "Titanic"? "Star Wars"?


A: Phillip: Star Wars trilogy, or The Godfather(s).


13. Q: GokuFievel: What was your favorite Live action film or TV show?


A: Phillip: Honeymooners.


14. Q: GokuFievel: What do you like more, Acting or Voice acting?


A: Phillip: No preference, I like them both equally.


15. Q: GokuFievel: Would you like to go on SNL (Saturday Night Live)?


A: Phillip: Yes, when the time is right.


16. Q: GokuFievel: Would you like to be a director?


A: Phillip: Yes, I am directing a film in January.


17. Q: GokuFievel: Where is Don Bluth's address? I've been trying to find him and all I've gotten were blanks, even though I've mailed him 4 times.


A: Phillip: I CANNOT give you that info. It is private. You can write to Fox's Animation Department in Phoenix, that is all I can say.


18. Q: GokuFievel: How did you meet Elise? (Phillip Glasser’s new wife.)


A: Phillip: In High School, 5 years ago.


19. Q: GokuFievel: Would you like to do Japanese Anime voice-overs?


A: Phillip: No Comment at this time.


20. Q: Last Question by GokuFievel: Any career comments on your part?


A: Phillip: I am happy with my career and hope I continue to work steadily for the
rest of my life.


Last Comment From Phillip Glasser: Thanks for taking the time and interest in AT. It is great to have people who appreciate Animation like you do.

-Phillip Glasser

Quick note: This Bio and interview is dedicated to the many other Don Bluth internet site fans who never had the opportunity to talk to Phillip Glasser. This Bio is for all of you and for all of your hard work on Don Bluth’s work!!!

Thank You Phillip Glasser!!!



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