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Lecture Jokes

Warning: The Lecture Jokes are extremely stupid!


GokuFievel: Hey John?


Who will the Nameks want to vote for in the election?



Ralph Nader of the “Green Party”! Cha Ching!



GokuFievel: Hey Serena?


What sports drink does Vegeta drink?






GokuFievel: Hey Mina?


What did Sailor Moon say to Amara?






GokuFievel: Hey Amy?


What do you call someone in the NAVY showing his butt?






GokuFievel: Hey Ash?


What does Pikachu say when he has a cold?






GokuFievel: Hey Team Rocket?


Did you hear that Las Vegas is going to adopt Pokemon as a gambling game? Yeah! You know what they’re going to call it?






GokuFievel: Hey Happosai?


What do you do if you see Ranma exercising without his shirt on?



Pour cold water over him, and then watch the FUN BEGIN!!!





Picture Imperfect


GokuFievel: Okay folks, it’s time for a test! I want to see if you people are smart enough to take the PICTURE IMPERFECT TEST! Good Luck!




What is going on in this picture? Is it?


A: A room in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory that we missed

B: Cotton Candy hair meets melted Gummy Bears

C: Sailor Scouts reduced to stepping-stones

D: A sick way of getting a man’s attention



What’s Sailor Mars thinking right now?

(The girl in the red dress)


A: “What’s she smiling about?”

B: “Consider Serena dead!”

C: “MY HAIR!!!”

D: “Oh gee, I sure hope no one’s looking up my skirt behind me”



Is this guy…


A: Umm…Okaaayy! Whatever!

B: The Masked Magicians new alter ego

C: The Bachelor

D: Confusing the hell out of men wondering why the Sailor Scouts are so in love with him!



What’s happening here?


A: Sailor Moon’s hiding her exposed body behind this guy’s cape

B: Whoever makes this guy flirt with first, wins

C: Swimsuit competition versus Cheerleader competition and this guy’s the judge

D: This guy’s not blushing he has hives cause he’s allergic to girls



What’s going on in this picture?


A: The Black Knight on his White Steed has come to claim his brides

B: This dude’s in the middle of a Sailor Scout Sandwich

C: This guy is making me really jealous

D: This guy’s gonna be busy in bed tonight!



What happened in these pictures!?


A: The Sailor Scouts have had one hell of a hard day at work

B: They just completed a Hentai Movie

C: Sometimes it’s just best NOT to ask!
Anime guys are getting dirty thoughts right about now



Is this guy…


A: Having a good day or what!?

B: A disappointment to DBZ fans
Feels ill 24 hours a day
An archenemy to the Keebler Factory Elves



Has Piccolo…


A: Gone crazy

B: Fallen in love
Got gypped
Listened to too many Rap Songs



Is this picture…


A: From Ranma ½ The Movie 2?
Is Ranma in confusion or shock?
Is Ranma really topless and has this shirt been digitally put on?
All of the above


In this picture…


A: There’s proof that you should never invade someone’s privacy
The girl in red is gonna hurt tomorrow
A new definition of the phrase “Don’t ask, don’t tell
Don’t you wish I could take off the censorship bar?



What’s wrong with Akane?


A: Kuno just sexually harassed her
She stubbed her toe
She found out that her father choose a husband for her
Ranma just called her an uncute, flat-chested, tom boy, biy…POW! SLAP! KUNG!



Who are these guys?


A: Hell’s football team
The weirdest, goofiest, yet somehow strongest team there is
A sign that Frieza’s getting nervous
Rejected Pokemon



What’s Goku saying to Ginyu?


A: “What you’re doing is wrong”
“You do realize that you’re not wearing any pants?”
“Wait a minute…weren’t you on Ripley’s Believe It or Not?”
“Nice Speedos……FREAK!”



Why is Gohan smiling?


A: Just won a battle

B: Just passed a test

C: Just moved out of the house from his mother

D: Just had sex with Videl!



What’s going on in this picture?


A: Afterlife family reunion

B: The first session of Weight Watchers

C: A Weird, Weird Al’s Amish Paradise

D: King Kai’s just discovered he has an illegitimate son



What’s this?


A: Bias in the making

B: Any story to keep our minds off of the real world

C: News Anchor thinks he’s speaking to a Political Party leader

D: The look on the anchors face is priceless



What’s happening here?


A: Blind Date for Anime

B: Why the hell doesn’t Ranma totally hit on his girl?

C: All you’ve gotta do is just breathe on this dress and you’ve got yourself a show!

D: We all know where this guy is looking! YOU TOO!


Top Ten


"Is it me or has TOM been slacking off lately. He rarely appears or says anything new on Toonami anymore. And the Toonami Lockdown was barely any fun. Do you think that TOM and Toonami are getting too lazy or that they just don't care anymore? Well here are the signs for that."


Top Ten Signs That TOM Doesn’t Give a Damn About Toonami Anymore



10: At the opening Toonami Sequence TOM not only show up ten minutes late, but he shows up drunk with a bottle of scotch in his hands


9: Instead of pushing the button on his chair to start the next show, TOM pushes the Self-Destruct button


8: Even though he lost weight and got a new slim and muscular body from the 'Intruder' Incident, TOM gets fat again


7: He keeps referring to SARA as the "B***h in the box"


6: Instead of doing the Fan Art, TOM shows Hentai!


5: DragonBallZ is only on for 2 minutes and already it's a "To Be Continued..."


4: He gives all of the video games a 10 out of 10 saying, Ah, they pay us to show their crappy games anyway so just give em’ what they pay for


3: Toonami comes on the air and TOM is in no hurry to put away the Game Boy Advance


2: TOM was last seen asking Moltar if he'd like to host Toonami again



And the #1 Sign That TOM Doesn't Give A Damn About Toonami Anymore.........



1: TOM throws twenty bucks at the camera and says,You want Anime? Go buy it from a Bootlegger!


Top Ten DragonBall Z Fan First Responses and Reactions To Majin Buu


10: "All right! Here comes the Great Majin Buu we're all gonna see what he looks like, YEAH! .......Huh? What the F%^& is this!?"


9: "Why is Majin Buu talking like a Pokemon?"


8: "Maybe he's just pretending to be stupid.......nope, it's real"


7: "I really miss Frieza and Cell"


6: "The Ginyu Force is looking REALLY good right about now"


5: "If this is the American's fault in editing again, this is the FINAL STRAW!"




3: "Remember when DBZ bad guys were tough and strong? Well this marks the end of those DBZ days"


2: "Oh PLEASE don't let them end DragonBallZ like THIS!"



And the #1 DragonBallZ Fan First Response and Reaction To Majin Buu..........



1:That’s it, I’m watching the news!


Top Ten Things That Vegeta Will Never Say



10: Kakarot you’re my best friend


9: Look Ma, look what I can do!


8: Pwecious wittle baby Trunks, come to daddy


7: Cowabunga Dudes!


6: I’m DEAD SEXY!!!


5: I love you Bulma!


4: Hi, this is Vegeta, I’m not home right now, but if you leave your name and number I’ll get back to you later bye! BEEP!


3: Quiet! I’m trying to watch football!


2: Hey, the pizza’s here!



And the #1 Thing That Sounds Cool When said by Vegeta………………



1: No Goku, you take this one, really I’ve been hogging all of the fighting today


Top Ten Responses After Seeing The Pokemon Movie 2000


10:Well that’s the end of their career


9:I could’ve pulled a better movie out of my Ass!


8:Oh *&^%! What have I done!?


7:I now have more respect for Jar-Jar-Biggs


6:This Ancient Mew Card doesn’t do a Damn THING!!!


5:There goes half my paycheck


4:Dude, where’s my brain?


3:If Mel Brooks didn’t direct it, then DON’T try to pull some of the ‘We’re very well aware that this is a movie’ jokes


2:They could have gone that extra mile with that Mardi Gras scene…if you know what I mean



And the #1 Response after seeing the Pokemon Movie 2000…………………



1:I only came here to listen to Weird Al’s new song ‘Polkamon’




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GokuFievel Top Ten’s


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How To Be Creative


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