Normally I do not call movies or in this case a straight to video film a bad film. But,......I and thousands of other Don Bluth fans all agree, that this film.................STINKS!!!!!!!!

"I'm the king of the world!"

Ya, right, you'd like to think that wouldn't you Timothy? Listen, NIMH1 is an unbelievably great movie!!! And NIMH 2 ruined everything that NIMH1 stood for! This is another one of those sequels gone bad incident. So I highly suggest that you see NIMH1 and not NIMH2.


The story is, that before Nicodemous died in NIMH 1 he made a prophecy that Brisby's son Timothy, would save the NIMH rats and mice from the NIMH scientists. So the NIMH rats and mice get Timothy over to Thorn Valley, (which is too good to be true) for so-called "Hero Training". (Now that's a dud in itself) The NIMH mice and rats are really hype over keeping their homeland Thorn Valley a secret from the NIMH scientists. THORN VALLEY IS SOOO BIG AND OBVEOUS THAT IT'S VISIBLE FROM SPACE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!! A forest ranger could easily recognize that there's something up about this place.

Timothy's so-called "Hero Training"


One day a sweet looking girl mouse named Jenny comes to Thorn Valley, but she gets in trouble with the security because she's seen the place. It turns out that she has escaped the NIMH labs and came to Thorn Valley seeking help. It also turns out that she is a descendant of the "Lost 6"! "The Lost 6" was an unanswered question in NIMH1, which is nice that Hollywood was trying to please us NIMH fans. But they failed miserably!!!


The NIMH rat and mice council refused to help her even though it was the legendary Lost 6 they were talking about. Timothy or (Timmy as they call him in the movie) decided to help Jenny, because he had a crush on her. On the way to NIMH they pick up a few (lame) friends. And at NIMH a secret surprise awaits for them, yet it just narrows down to another lousy villain trying to take over the world (Or Thorn Valley in this case) in a stupid way. The writers had a nice idea, but they took it the wrong way!



Movie Checklist


Rating: G


For Who?: Just kids and NIMH fans. But even to you NIMH fans, get ready for disappointment.


Year: 1998 straight to video


Time: About 1:10


Action: Not much. Just: Rabbit sledding, crow flying, hero training, escape to NIMH, escape from NIMH, fire in the "hole"! Duel with Martin, cage escapes, lousy cat attacks, and one explosion.


Violence: Ya right!


Language: I don't even think the word "stupid" is in here! But the word stupid is written all over it!


LoveMaking: Jenny says "I love you" to Timmy.


Music: HERE'S WHY THE MOVIE STINKS!!! ONE TOO MANY MUSICAL NUMBERS!!! ALL OF THEM NOT NEEDED AND LAME! There was about over 6 musical numbers. They turned NIMH2 into a lousy musical! Something that NIMH 1 was not!


Awards: None, thank goodness.


Pros: It's really not THAT bad. It's not 100% bad. But it's nowhere near 100% good. The first time I saw it. I thought that it was OK, I was disappointed, but I sort of liked it a little. I liked Jenny, she's a good girlfriend for Timmy. This film has been concentrated on the children society, so it's good for them. It does answer some unanswered questions about NIMH 1. But we the NIMH fans wanted to know more about the Stone.


Cons: EVERYTHING! Way too many and unneeded musical numbers! If this film is such a Con, then why did I put it on my site? Because, every Bluth related film deserves a second chance somewhere in this crazy world of ours. And because I liked it in a way. I just saw something in it that I liked. Like a talent searcher seeing something in a bad actor. Don Bluth did not make this. So don't blame him, he's a great guy!

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