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This Ranma ½ Page was written by GokuFievel


Ranma ½






Ranma ½ was the 5th Japanimation that I ever came upon. And it was purely a chance of fate for me to rent an episode but I did, and I started to like Ranma ½ a bit more than DBZ!!!



This is the one and only series I’ve ever seen in which the “Pilot Episode” was extremely good!!! (Pilot Episodes are the very first episodes in a TV or Saga Series) Normally in TV Series’ you would have to never ever see the Pilot Episode because just about ALL Pilot Episodes stink! Even “Seinfield, Star Trek, and DBZ’s” Pilot Episodes all stunk! But this is a series in which I HIGHLY suggest that you see the first episode!




The Most Perfect Storyline EVER!!!


Who ever thought up Ranma ½ IS A PURE GENIUS!!! THAT’S ALL RANMA ½ IS!!! GENIUS!!! Oh wait! That’s right! Someone named “Rumiko Takahashi” created Ranma 1/2.


Ok, we all know that teenagers have it pretty hard as it is these days. (New York slums and Columbine are pretty good examples.) But why do teenagers have it pretty hard? One word, HORMONES! It’s always the struggle between the boys and the girls. The boys strive to be the: biggest, strongest, most athletic and most attractive to the girls. The girls strive to be the: prettiest, smartest, most social, and most attractive to the guys. (And the girls can be athletic too) It’s not an easy job for both sides. So………just imagine what it must be like to BE AND TAKE BOTH OF THOSE JOBS!!! In other words………HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF YOU WERE BOTH A BOY AND A GIRL!!!!!!




Meet Ranma Saratome…



WAIT!!! Or is this Ranma Saratome!?!?!?


The answer surprisingly is…BOTH!!!



Ranma Saratome is an expert martial artist, but he’s got a problem. Or is it a she? Or a he/she? I CAN’T DECIDE I’M SO CONFUSED!!! Anyway, Ranma is the heir to the family Dojo ninja club: “The School of Anything Goes Martial Arts”. PAINFULLY his father has created an arranged marriage for Ranma. His father wants Ranma to marry a girl named Akane. BUT HOW IS HE SUPPOST TO BE MARRIED WHEN HE IS ALSO A SHE!?!?!?


Akane Tendo (the girl Ranma was arranged to marry) is a BIG TOMBOY and she REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, HATES BOYS!!! So she doesn’t plan on getting married soon. But because she’s the most beautiful girl in the area, the entire community of boys living in the area have been trying their best to go on a date with her. Especially Ranma’s archrival, Kuno! Akane hates boys because she is sick and tired of being treated like a girl! She doesn’t like the thought of “…a woman’s place is in the kitchen.” She believes that all boys are sexists, and that all men treat woman like objects. Therefore she learned karate, and fights them off for a living!


When Akane first met Ranma, he was in girl form. Therefore, Akane liked Ranma just because he was a girl, since she hates boys. She received the word that her father had chosen a husband for her to get married to. (WHICH SHE DIDN’T WANT!!!) But it turns out that the future husband turned out to be a girl. Which Akane liked, so she wanted to be friends with Ranma………that was………until………she discovered Ranma’s HORRIBLE SECRET!!!


Ranma was taking a bath, so Akane decided to join her…(DOUGH! I MEAN HIM! Or her! Or whatever it is!) but when Akane got undressed and then got in the tub…………SHE SAW A GUY IN THE BATH!!!………AND AKANE JUST HAPPENED TO BE NAKED AT THE MOMENT!!!




(This is only one of many of Ranma ½’s most funniest moments.)


Akane was outraged that a GUY (in which she hates guys) saw her naked!!! So she tried to kill him and also demanded to know what happened to Ranma the girl! But then the guy got up and said that he was Ranma………Akane was speechless………


Akane’s father found out about Ranma’s ability to turn into a girl, and yet he said that THE WEDDING WAS STILL ON!!! From that moment on Ranma and Akane HATED each other! They didn’t want to get married, but their parents choose it for them and so now it’s permanent.


Here’s a picture of when Ranma and Akane were assigned to get married against their will.


So how come Ranma can turn into a girl? Can he do it at will? The answer is NO! HE’S CURSED!!!


Not long ago Ranma and his father Genma, went out to a FORBIDDEN Martial Arts training ground called Jusenkyo. The penalty for losing in this sacred landscape……is something far worse than death……you are cursed for the rest of your life and there are about 1,000 different kinds of curses available. Ranma’s dad was cursed first…whenever Ranma’s dad is covered in cold water…he TURNS INTO A PANDA!!!


And when Ranma fell into the forbidden springs he was cursed too. Now, whenever cold water is sprayed on him……he becomes a she!!! The only temporary cure from the curse is…hot water. Hot water turns you back to normal. But HOT WATER is very rare compared to cold water!!! Cold water can consist of: Rain, hose water, ponds, glass water, the beach, rivers and many more things. Hot water must be boiled. That’s it! Chances are he is going to stay a girl most of the time, unless he dodges a lot of obstacles!


On solid detailed ground, Ranma is a guy. He was born a guy, and it’s on his birth certificate. But now he’s cursed and can turn into a girl. I said that just to clear things up.


Even though Akane and Ranma have been engaged to marry the wedding date has NOT been set. But now there are a million obstacles in the way of stopping the wedding and their lives!


Ranma’s job as a martial artist is to overcome and accomplish a ton of obstacles and opponents. Trouble finds Ranma a lot and it’s his job to destroy them. Over all he will face: demons, ghosts, evil ninjas, secret clans, mobs, competitions, assassins, fighting tournaments, evil Kingdoms, giant monsters, bad Princes, bad guys, bad girls, bad attitudes, bad days, bad hair days, and one bad tempered kid!


Here’s a picture of Ranma……um……hugging him/herself.


Since the storyline is very complicated I’ll just go down the list by name of characters very similar to the After Frieza Page.


Ranma: As a boy he’s got one bad attitude, always complaining, shouting and yelling angrily. He acts like Vegeta when he was a teen. He has a really bad attitude towards Akane, Kuno, his father, and DEFINENTALLY Happosai. As a guy he tends to be grumpy, he ALWAYS wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. And when he fights, GET OUT OF HIS WAY!!! When he fights it’s always for keeps. His attacks consist of: Super Kicks, Super high upper cuts, Running real fast, the special Cat Attack (or Cat Fu as they call it), and his very own Kamea Mea attack. (In other words he can use big fireballs).


Here’s a picture of Ranma doing his own Kamea Mea Attack.


Ranma also has one severe weakness…he has a terrifying fear…of cats!!! Hey! Ranma! You came to the right place Fievel’s afraid of them too! You guys should hang out together!


Ranma’s afraid of cats because he went through a deadly cat training task when he was only 6 years old.


Ranma ½: Ranma in girl form……well,……when he’s a girl he acts like a totally different person. And in ways he…or she is. When he turns into a girl his hair turns red he gets just a little shorter and……well……YES! HE DOES GET……WELL……U KNOW!!! And he does lose……um……WELL……U KNOW!!! (Hay! I have little kids that come to my site, so I have to go easy on the “Birds and the Bees” details OK!?) When Ranma’s in girl form, he gets REALLY NICE AND SWEET, and really mean and ruthless at the same time!!! Frankly, in a way he’s way more of jerk as a girl as well. But usually he’ll pretend to be nice.


But as a girl, he has to take some strange risks. One of which is……HIS ARCHRIVAL HAS A CRUSH ON HIM IN GIRL FORM!!! But his archrival doesn’t know that he can turn into a she! But whenever Ranma needs some information from his enemies, he can just turn into a girl and go undercover. When he’s a girl, to those who don’t know him, as a girl he’s know just as: “The Pigtail Redhead Girl”. Frankly I like Ranma better as a girl……he……I mean she is so……um……hmm……well……so sweet and cute that I just like him like that. But some people better not get a crush on him in girl form! Or you’ll discover his horrible secret like Akane did!!!


This is my favorite picture of Ranma as a girl. And I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I got an “A” in school for drawing a copy of this.


Akane: Like I said earlier, she’s a Tomboy. She HATES Boys to the bone! She hates boys because she believes that all boys are sexists. She hates the idea of: “…a woman’s place is in the kitchen”. She is a supreme martial artist almost as great or even better than Ranma. She and Ranma have tried everything to get the engagement off but they have all failed. Ranma has to live in the same house as Akane and her sisters, so every single day Akane knocks the socks off Ranma by beating him up a lot everyday. (Now, that’s not the kind of fiancée’ a person should have).



But she’s not all that bad. When she goes to school she acts like a completely different person. She acts very girlish at school. Not to mention she doesn’t completely hate Ranma. They’ve saved each of their lives before and once in a Blue Moon accepted the fact that they like each other. (And once in a Blue Moon accepted the fact that they have love feelings for each other.) But as for now, she is the big Tomboy of the house.


Here is a picture of Akane hitting Ranma on the head with a pot. She’s trying to stop Shampoo from kissing Ranma.


Genma (Panda): Genma is Ranma’s father and one of the people who set up the arranged marriage. Genma was cursed the same way Ranma was, except he turns into a Panda whenever he is covered in cold water. Since he can’t talk in Panda form he speaks by putting up these Japanese signs, which have a comic translation. He is also a great Martial Artist. He was the one who taught Ranma how to fight in the first place!





Soun Tendo: He is Akane’s, Kasumi’s, and Nabiki’s father. He is Genma’s best friend. They used to know each other in martial arts training before when they were young. And once they each started families of their own, Genma and Tendo arranged the marriage with Akane and Ranma. Both Genma and Tendo have lost their wives to natural death. Therefore both Akane and Ranma have NO MOTHERS!!! Sad isn’t it?


Kasumi: She’s the oldest daughter of Mr. Tendo. She is almost perfect! She is extremely sweet, kind, and courteous. She loves to help around the house and give good advice. A nearby doctor has a BIG crush on her, but Kasumi doesn’t know it because the doctor is too scared to say those 3 magical words.


Nabiki: She is the second oldest daughter of Tendo. She always has a blank face, hardly ever an attitude even in stressful situations. She’s just like Droopy saying “I’m so happy” with a blank face. She’s not depressed, she just acts like she’s more important to the world as if she was some kind of princess.


Ryoga: (Ree-yoga) (That’s how you pronounce his name) Ranma and Genma weren’t the only ones who were cursed in the springs. A teenage boy about the same age as Ranma was also cursed at the same place where Ranma was cursed, almost at the same time. He comes in the show after about 10 episodes. His curse is worse than Ranma’s, he turns into a PIGLET when cold water is sprayed on him!!!




Ryoga is also a martial artist with fighting powers. Ranma and Ryoga are MAJOR RIVALS!!! However…they’ve also taken sides with each other many times.



But unlike Ranma, he HAS A SUPREME CRUSH ON AKANE!!! He is deeply in love with Akane, but he is sick and tired of hearing that she’s taken by Ranma. But that’s not stopping him, he thinks that he can change the engagement and make Akane marry him. Frankly Ranma wishes Ryoga luck because Ranma doesn’t want to marry Akane. Akane does NOT know that Ryoga is also cursed. So whenever Akane sees Ryoga in piglet form, she thinks of him as a pet that comes to visit every now and then. She named Ryoga “Pchan” in piglet form because she doesn’t know that’s really Ryoga. But Ryoga likes it that Akane keeps him as a pet in pig form because then Akane pets him!!! AND HE LIKES THAT!!!


Ryoga’s also got a curse (or weakness) within himself. A severe weakness that he’s always had since he was a boy. HE ALWAYS GETS LOST!!! He can never ever tell what’s North, South, East, or West. So he’ll get lost all of the time and at the worst times. But unlike most men and unlike Ranma, he’s a man who’s not afraid to ask for directions. But he never takes the directions correctly though.


Here’s what Ryoga looks like in human form.


Shampoo: She’s probably the prettiest girl in Ranma 1/2 . Her name is Shampoo and by looking at her hair, I think that you can tell why! She has a SERIOUS CRUSH ON RANMA!!! She really, really, really wants to marry Ranma despite the fact that he is also taken. She is also a good fighter and a liar.



She claims and tells everybody that Ranma loves her and that he kisses her all of the time. (Which is false) Shampoo always tries her best to get Ranma’s heart. And she has people on her side that think the same. Powerful people! She has a grandmother who is almost 2,000 years old!!! Her grandmother is an ancient witch in which she is really powerful. Her grandmother has been trying and trying to get Ranma to marry Shampoo. The grandmother has even blackmailed Ranma into marrying Shampoo. The grandmother even calls Ranma “Son in Law” when he’s REALLY NOT. Shampoo will try anything to get Ranma to marry her, or at least to become her boyfriend.



Shampoo is a pretty good fighter, and when she first met Ranma, (like Akane) she met him in girl form. Shampoo tried to kill Ranma when she first met him because she thought that Ranma (the girl) was Ranma (the boy’s) girlfriend. Therefore she was jealous of Ranma’s other self!!! Whenever there’s a major battle, Ranma will let Shampoo fight with them because she’s a really good help.



Shampoo has also been cursed. Whenever cold water is poured on her, she turns into a cat. (Which Ranma is terrified by since he’s afraid of cats) But that’s not stopping her from getting the guy she wants.


Here’s a picture of Shampoo singing at a concert.


Moose: That’s right, this guy’s name is Moose! He is also cursed!!! But he doesn’t turn into a moose, he turns into a duck! Moose has a BIG crush on Shampoo, but he looks like a Star Trek Computer nerd! But don’t underestimate his looks. He too is a fighter and his weapons are just like Wolverine’s claws!!!


Ukyo: (Ooo-key-O) She also has a BIG crush on Ranma, she calls Ranma “Ranma honey” as if she’s already married to him. Ukyo is a cook, and she is also a fighter, but she uses her own cooking utensils as weapons.


Here’s a picture of Ukyo using her favorite weapon, “A GIANT SPACHULA!!!”


Kuno: Kuno is Ranma’s archrival. Kuno was the first person that brought up the community scandal about getting all of the boys to band together against Akane to get her to go on a date with the boys. But unfortunately Ranma put an end to the entire boy band to get a date with Akane by defeating all of the boys along side with Akane. That was the first major battle Ranma won. Kuno has a crush on Ranma’s girl side because he doesn’t know. Kuno is very prideful in what he does. And he is a fighter just for the sport and fame of it. Not for the sake of Martial Arts honor.


Happosai (Grandpa) He’s more perverted than any character here!!! He gives the Elderly and Health Care a bad name!!! Happosai was thought to have been dead but then he came back to live with his students, Genma and Tendo. Happosai is the one who trained Genma and Tendo when they were young and because he put them through training that would make even the Marines sick, they are afraid of him.


But the reason why Happosai is such a sick old man is because of his hobby. He STEALS women’s underwear for the fun of it!!! But unfortunately Genma and Tendo can’t do anything about it because Happosai is their master. But Ranma always NAILS Happosai when he get real impolite!!! Happosai has some secret techniques of his own and yes, he is a fighter. (He’s just not as strong as he used to be compared to his good ole days) Here are the following things that Happosai does: Steals underwear, sneaks in women’s locker rooms, sometimes a Peeping Tom, harasses the women ESSPECIALLY Akane and Ranma’s girl-side, and just being a jerk.


Want to see a picture of Happosai? Ok!


Here’s a picture of Happosai.



Just kidding! Here’s what Happosai really looks like.



Well, I guess that’s as much of Ranma ½ as I can describe.



Ranma ½ Checklist Chart


Don’t forget, that I criticize and check my movies and TV differently. Go to the Checklist Chart to find out.




Rating: AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Out of my ENTIRE Internet site this gets the HIGHEST rating. Even though the videos say that it’s “Not Rated” I’d give it a “PG-13” or “TV14” Rating. I HIGHLY SUGGEST that kids under the age of 12 SHOULD NOT watch this!!! (Well, I guess they could watch the “Hard Battle” Episodes) Why? Take a look below!



 For Who!? Like I said kids 12 and under sit this one out. Well, I guess you could see a few episodes. This is DEFINENTALLY FOR THE TEENS!!! And the early 20’s. This is also for the Anime fans. In which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ALL!!!



Year: This started out as a comic book and then the Anime in Japan around the 80’s. This appeared in America in the early 1990’s. Ranma ½ was very popular to the American and Canadian public in 1994. Even though I don’t seem to remember it. (Well, I didn’t have cable back then.)



Time: Each episode is about a half hour long and the movies are an hour and a half.



Action: Whoa Boy!!! Here’s the list: High kicks, super kicks, SUPER HIGH UPPER CUTS, curses, demons, haunted caves, love affairs, super attacks, snow attacks, lightning, thunder attacks, rain attacks, morphing, turning from boy to girl, turning from girl to boy, turning from human to Panda, Mummy attacks, firekick attacks, sword battles, sign attacks, river rapids, China attacks, Japan attacks, stowaways to America, Giant Monsters, fireballs, Kamea Mea attacks, bongs on heads, slices and dices, ice tornadoes, beach crash, illusions, giant plants, flying ships, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF COMIC RELIEF, AND MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!!!



Violence: Lots and lots and lots of disrespect towards people and the elderly. Especially the character Grandpa and Genma. Every now and then there will be blood but gore is very rare. Plenty of offensive words and disrespectful remarks towards each character.



Language: When I said that Ranma had an attitude…I MEANT IT!!! Ranma can get real offensive will his mouth. Tons of disrespectful remarks towards each other and some vulgarity. There’s Da** and He** and A** and very rarely others. Vulgarity tends to be rare. It’s like in once every 10 episodes they’ll get real personal with language. The Simpsons are 10X’s more worse than Ranma ½ is with language. Remember I’m speaking for all of the episodes. Chances are you won’t hear any vulgarity if you rent one episode. In fact in the movie there was only 2 bad words, that’s about it. And when you have movies you’re suppose to NOT be careful, you’re support to go all out! Like I said the chances are they won’t come out often. But still when you have a kid that’s been cursed, you have a kid that curses!



LoveMaking: Out of my entire Checklist Charts in my site,……THIS IS THE ONE WHERE THE METER GOES OVER BOARD AND OFF THE SCALE!!!!!! Look……when you have a show where a guy turns into a girl all of the time,……you’re going to get some pretty offensive camera shots. In other words, every now and then in Ranma ½ THERE IS BRIEF COMIC NUDITY!!!!!! And yet IT’S A CARTOON!!!!!! But it still sadly……does the job! GULP! Ya!……I can see all of the parents reading my page frowning at me. “Kids! I don’t ever want you to go to GokuFievel again!” Come on people, I’m a good guy! The first time I ever saw an “R” rated movie was when I was 17 years old!!! And the movie was “Schindler’s List”, I was studying about WWII at the time. And only a few more followed after that. So I’m a nice guy!


Anyway, back to Ranma ½. Ranma ½ is nothing BUT LOVEMAKING!!! TONS OF BOY-FRIEND GIRL-FRIEND RELATIONSHIPS!!! But like I said when you have a guy that can turn into a gal, you’re going to have problems. For example. As a guy Ranma like most guys like to take their shirts off when it gets hot. But the thing is if Ranma’s not wearing a shirt and he gets Cold Water poured over him…………well…………he/she’s going to be standing topless in front of a lot of people. (That’s happened in episodes by the way) In the Pilot Episode alone there are 4 Brief Comic Nudity scenes. There was one time where Ranma was in school and he wasn’t wearing a shirt at the time then Cold Water was poured on him and then he/she was topless in the classroom!!! Now,…that’s one of the funny points,…but to some people,… that upsets them. That is why I always put up Movie Checklists with everything I put on my site. Here is an example of what you’re up against.


Here Akane slaps Ranma, because she’s mad that she appears in girl form in the bathroom.


BIG NOTE: If any of you are from “Mstar Online” WAIT!!! I AM ONE OF YOUR CLIENTS!!! Please don’t block this page because of this close call picture!!! I edited it out…See!?!?!?


Bigger Note: If anybody doesn’t like that picture up there despite the fact that it’s edited TELL ME EMMEDIATLY!!! Sign my Guestbook!!! I saw a special on “20/20” how people who run Internet sites can get sued for just for offending ONE person on the Internet by such a very SMALL THING. If you don’t like that edited picture up there, TELL ME NOW SO I CAN TAKE IT DOWN!!! I don’t want to risk anything!!!







Nudity in Ranma ½ can also be rare. I’ve gone 20 episodes without seeing any before! Mainly the early episodes and the movies have it. But even in the movies it only appears like once or twice and like for 5 seconds. The “Hard Battle” and “Chaos” Saga’s rarely or don’t have any nudity at all!!! REMEMBER I AM SPEAKING FOR EVERY EPISODE!!! So I’m just pointing it out that A FEW OF THEM have brief nudity. There’s a 1/5 chance or 20% chance of seeing it if you rent every episode and movie. Can you understand!?


The only other kind of lovemaking there is, is kissing. AND THAT’S ABOUT IT FOR THIS SUBJECT!!! CASE CLOSED!!! SIGH!!!



Music: I LOVE THE MUSIC!!! This is what really makes me want to rent it over and over again. The music is all in Japanese BUT ITS GOT GOOD RHYTHM!!! This show has made me WANT TO LEARN JAPANESE!!! The music sounds so cool!!! You just have to hear it for yourself!



Pros: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!

It’s got the most perfect storyline besides DragonBallZ!!! This show is also SOOOOO FUNNY!!! EVERY EPISODE IS A BARRAL OF LAUGHS!!!!!! I ENJOY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! It also makes you have slight feelings for it. The same kind of feelings I had for An American Tail but in a different way. This has GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!! For those of you Toonami fans, Ranma ½ is VERY similar to Tenchi Muyo. And I’ve fallen in love with this show.



Cons: Like I said before, this ain’t for the weak hearted. I think I’ve already listed the Cons up above in the LoveMaking section. Also, Ranma ½ is pretty hard to get these days and it’s starting to become unknown. Don’t count on Toonami showing it anytime soon. (Actually they just might. But they’ll have to show it on the Midnight Run.) Also, just like DragonBallZ, you have to see the right episode. If you see the wrong episode, it stinks!!!


Ranma ½ is to the left, Akane in the middle, and Shampoo on the right.


Here’s a picture of Pchan, or Ryoga, or whatever you want to call him.


Here is the entire cast one last time for you to see for an encore!!!

From Top to Bottom, then left to right: Genma (Panda), Ukyo, Moose, Shampoo, Ranma, Ryoga, Ranma ½, and Akane.




And that’s my Final Answer Regis!!!


Oops!!! Now I WILL get sued!!!


What I meant to say was,…




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