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Tenchi Muyo


Is life just too quiet for you? Is nothing happening in your neighborhood? Is life just too boring for you? Well, that’s how Tenchi Masaki’s life was. But of course…be careful for what you wish for!!!



The Tenchi Muyo series is a very confusing storyline because it keeps changing! Tenchi will meet all of the characters over again each in a different way. So I think it’s best if I describe the Tenchi Universe version more than the Muyo series.


Tenchi Muyo is VERY similar to Ranma ½, because: both Tenchi and Ranma are martial arts sex comedy’s, they both have girl problems, they both have 6 women after their hearts, and they all want to marry them.


But the difference is…(Ranma’s better!) Ranma is too mean and he’s half girl, Tenchi is EXTREMELY SHY!!!


Tenchi was doing his casual martial arts training over at the Masaki Shrine. But he wanted to see the local legend cave that was nearby. Therefore he stole his Grandpa’s sacred cave keys and broke in the cave. After he took out the sacred Light Hawk Sword, (the sword that claimed could cut through anything) he awakened a DEMON that was sleeping there!!! AARRGGHH!!!



The demon turned out to be a beautiful and rugged looking young woman. For some reason she wanted to kill Tenchi because he was a descendant to the person that locked her up in the cave in the first place many years ago.


(I’m moving into the Tenchi Universe right about now.)


It turns out that the demon was really a former Space Pirate named Ryoko. (Ree-yoko) When word got out about Ryoko’s awakening the Galaxy Police Patrol came by Earth to capture her. But it turns out that the Galaxy Police officer sent to Earth was a very sexy…YET VERY CLUMSY young cadet woman named Mihoshi. Mihoshi couldn’t manage to capture Ryoko let alone shoot her. Mihoshi’s not a good cop.


Ryoko went out to kill Tenchi and Mihoshi (since she was still angry) Ryoko has super powers similar to DragonBallZ’s. So she attacked Tenchi and Mihoshi using fireballs and fireball sticks.


But then Ryoko realized that she started to have a crush on Tenchi and then realized that he was kind of cute. So she stopped trying to kill Tenchi and Mihoshi. And started to pester Tenchi into dating. HA! Once minute she tries to kill him, now she’s in love with him! Women!? Go Fig!!!


Since Mihoshi’s space ship was damaged, she had no choice but to stay on Earth. But then later more girls from space came. 2 Princesses arrived. Ayeka and Sasami. Ayeka is the princess of the planet Jurai. It turns out that Tenchi is NOT an Earthling! He’s a descendent of the planet Jurai! Therefore Ayeka made it her goal to marry Tenchi whether he liked it or not. (You know how princesses are how they’ll get what they want because they’re so rich) Ayeka knows and feels that she can get anything she wants…especially any husband she wants!


But Ryoko and Ayeka are mortal enemies. But because she too is stuck on Earth…she too has to live with the other girls.


Then the final two girls show up. Mihoshi’s police partner, Kiyone and a mad scientist who claims to be 20,000 years old named Washu!!!



Princess Ayeka’s home planet was taken over by the archenemy of the planet Jurai…Kagato. Therefore the 6 girls, Tenchi, grandpa Masaki, and Tenchi’s dad all went into space to save Ayeka’s planet! But since Kagato now has power…he framed Tenchi and the girls for being Ryoko’s (the space pirate) partners! Which was only a half-truth. But as Tenchi leaves Earth to save another planet…Earth gets into danger itself right under their noses!


Like I said, the Tenchi storyline is very complicated! So I’m going to go down this like the After Frieza page and the Ranma ½ page by going down the list of characters.


Character Analysis



Tenchi Masaki: An Earthling martial artist teenage boy. He trains to be a martial artist and Shinto Priest. But Tenchi also goes to a fancy Japanese school. He is very, very, very, SHY!!! He refuses to date any of the girls except for one…Sakua! Tenchi has a light saber sword that is of Jurai heritage. He fights only is he has to.



Ryoko: She’s my favorite character! A lot of people disagree with me on this but…I think that Ryoko should marry Tenchi! She met him FIRST! She fell in love with him FIRST! And they were together FIRST! Tenchi is rightfully hers!


Ryoko is a space pirate and part demon. She has a battle suit that digitally comes on just like Sailor Moon’s. She has super powers like in DragonBallZ…only not as powerful. Like: teleportation, size change, combo attacks, shields, fireballs, fireball sticks, and blasters. She used to be a supreme evil villain, she even used to blow up planets! But when she met Tenchi, she turned into a good guy. (Or so she says) She looks and acts like a 1980’s punk rocker and sometimes has a tail. She’s bad to the bone…yet sweet to pulp at the same time.



Ayeka: She’s a princess from the beautiful planet of Jurai. The Jurai people travel in LIVING spaceships!!! Ryoko uses animal space ships, while Ayeka uses plant type. She was the second person to fall in love with Tenchi, and hoped that she would marry him. But she’s got competition! Ayeka…because she’s a princess…she’s very rich, manner-able, and prideful acting like she’s too good for the world.


But when she got stuck on the Earth, she was just an average Joe! She and Ryoko fight a lot…ESPECIALLY over Tenchi!



Sasami: She’s Ayeka’s little sister. She has a cute crush on Tenchi, but she’s not old enough to date yet. She is the supreme chief of the house and cooks well. Despite the fact that Ryo-Oki (Or Ryohoki) belongs to Ryoko, Sasami takes care Ryo-Oki.



Mihoshi: The following words describe Mihoshi.


Dumb\dum\adj: 1. Someone who lacks normal powers of intelligence and speech. 2. Not able to speak or think for themselves. 3. Shock or confusion of mind.


Stupid\stu-ped\adj: 1. Slow of mind or obtuse mind. 2. Dulled in feeling or thinking. 3. Mark of senselessness.


Idiot\ide-et\noun: 1. Someone whose intelligence does not exceed a child of 3.


Moron\mor-an\noun: 1. A feebleminded person having an intelligence of a child between the age 8 to 12.


I think you get the picture. I don’t know how Mihoshi passed grade school let alone got accepted into the Galaxy Police!!! She’s an AIRHEAD!!! 100% AIRHEAD there isn’t a thought roaming around in there!!!

Because she’s a good looker and is very sweet, she will get married someday. And when that happens…I feel so sorry for her future kids!


You know being stupid and an Airhead can actually come in handy. No one will kidnap you for information and they’ll take risks. Mihoshi is also in love with Tenchi but she drifts to say so.



Kiyone: She’s Mihoshi’s partner…and frankly she doesn’t want to be! Unlike Mihoshi…Kiyone’s the smart one. She is a VERY BY THE BOOK Police Officer. And she feels tortured by being partners with Mihoshi because she’s an idiot! Because she’s a very by the book officer she can’t let love get in the way of anything. However, she does have an eye out for Tenchi.



Washu: Call her little Washu. But she’s not little at all! She claims to be 20,000 years old. (But I’ve got a hard time believing her because she’s told fibs in the past) She’s a mad scientist and can make anything! Washu has a computer that would make Bill Gates jealous! Washu tried to kiss Tenchi in front of the other girls just to make them jealous of her. She is kind of in love with Tenchi.



Ryohoki: Aww!!! Who doesn’t love Ryohoki? Ryohoki is like a cat and a rabbit morphed together. Ryohoki is an alien mammal that can transform into: a spaceship, a mutated kid, a cat, or a Mobile Suit. Ryohoki is just SO CUTE!!! As a cat lover…I wouldn’t mind taking care of her. Both Ryoko and Sasami own and take care of Ryohoki. Ryohoki doesn’t love Tenchi…she loves carrots to death!!!



Kagato: An evil King ruler who is also a mad scientist. He tried to steal the Legendary space ship Tsunami. He almost won but then failed to a battle with Tenchi and Ryoko. He then took over the planet Jurai where he awaits another fair battle with Tenchi. Kagatoe already (technically) killed Tenchi twice. Third time’s a charm.



Sakua: She was the first girl that Tenchi kissed. WHICH REALLY TICKED OFF AYEKA AND RYOKO!!!!!! Tenchi went to Tokyo to finish school and Shinto Priest training, while avoiding the other 6 girls. Sakua was Tenchi’s classmate. But then later…they found out that Sakua isn’t human! So who is she? What is she?


Checklist Chart



Rated: PG-Y7



Time: About 115 episodes each a half-hour long. Plus 2 theatrical movies. The first movie was about 2 hours long the second one was probably and hour and a half. Some normal episodes can go up to an hour especially battle episodes.


Year: I don’t know the EXACT year but I do know that the movies came out around 1996 and 1997. Meaning that the TV show itself must have been shown in Japan from 1993 to 1996. America adopted it in 1998 but Toonami started showing it in the Summer of 2000.


For Who?: Anime (Japanimation) fans. Toonami fans. Older kids (so that they get the jokes) or just people who get into it.


Action: There’s attacks, battles, fights, light sabers, explosions, school explosions, torn ships, space chases, planet invasions, kitchen fights, quarrels, feuds, hits, slaps, punches, kicks, fireballs, fireball sticks, battle suits, shields, power ups, frozen time battles, dimension battles, city explosions, Tokyo Tower explosions, and Time Travel.


Violence: Demons tend to look very gory. Royal Guards have a pretty “R” rated death. The villains in the movies are very gory and a galaxy police officer gets torn in half and you actually see it. Not to mention bleeding, and broken bones.


LoveMaking: Beyond TONS of boy-friend girl-friend relationships! Toonami SEVERLY cleaned this up!!! If you’ll look at the credits you’ll read something that says “Toonami Version”. They took out a lot of nudity and bathtub scenes. So it’s safe now on TV. Short peekers in the movies. Kiyone gets beamed out of the bathtub and appears in front of Washu naked. (You don’t see much) Tenchi’s mom morphs into her suit on and for 1.1 seconds you see…well U KNOW!!!  And a girl jumps in the tub naked with Tenchi in the second movie. But Toonami doesn’t show any of that. But Toonami does show Ryoko in a bikini a lot.


Music: Very interesting and cool music! Played by an electric piano or some other electrical musical instrument. Every now and then they’ll have some Japanese sung musical numbers. Which in my view is cool.


Pros: It’s a very interesting and a very funny show! It’s another one of those Anime’s that will make you want to see the next episode to see what happens. It’s actionative and fun.


Cons: Tends to be slow. It’s got A LOT of episodes that aren’t needed. And the biggest CON of all is the strange storyline. They’ve killed off characters before and then the next day that person will show up again as if nothing has happened. Toonami had to take out a lot of WHOLE episodes, which makes the series VERY short on Toonami. Some episodes can be boring and it’s got a lack of interest. But other than that…it’s good.


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