An American Tail 3: Treasure of Manhattan Island


That's right America! There's a 3rd Tail film out on the market by now!!! Plus a 4th one coming too! I'm a big Fievel fan, have been one for 10 years! To tell you the truth I was actually expecting (AT3) to be pretty bad, but I got it anyway because I'm a big Fievel fan and because I was expecting to see a 3rd Fievel film before any 4th Star Wars film. Star Wars beat me, but by 4 months. I got AT3 from Europe, went through a lot of trouble to get it. Like I said when I got it I was expecting it to be pretty bad like NIMH2. But I didn't care. And to my surprise while I was watching it, I LIKED IT!!!! I REALLY, REALLY LIKED IT!!!! So now I encourage you to see it too especially if you're a Bluth or Fievel fan.


AT3 was suppose to come out in September of 1998, I was the first person at the video store that morning. And to my disappointment they didn't have it! And they still didn't have it the month later, or the month after that! Why? I was angry! It turns out that Universal pulled out AT3 before it was even released out on straight-to-video. Why? I have a strong theory. The Secret of NIMH 2 was a straight to video film at the time, AND IT BOMBED AT THE MARKET! THE FILM WAS TERRIBLE! I rarely call films bad, but NIMH2 has poisoned the name Don Bluth, WHEN BLUTH DIDN'T EVEN MAKE IT! My theory is that Universal was not going to risk millions of dollars in merchandizing due to the possibility of failure of AT3 caused by NIMH2. I don't blame them in fact I do agree that it was a good move. It was wise to pull AT3 back while NIMH2 was getting killed out in the market, AT3 could have gone down with it. But Universal should have put AT3 back in the market when the smoke cleared out from NIMH2. But now FINALLY Universal has released it back in the market by 2000! So now you can go looking for it at your nearest K-mart. If they don't have it, go to my GokuFievel Store to buy it for a great price!



I do not wish to tell you much about the storyline except that Fievel's back in New York. To find out how, read my Movie Checklist or see the film.

Movie Checklist


Rated: G, of course!


For who: Fievel fans, kids, and family.


Year: 1998 it was made, Sept. 1998 it was suppose to be released but Universal pulled it back. 1999 it was sold in Europe and a variety of locations. Feb. 15th 2000 it was released in the U.S.A.


Time: About 1:16


Action: Subway accidents, Indian booby traps, Indian mice battles, crop attacks, Cave-ins, and strike forces.


Violence: Rich rats yell and are cruel to workers. Mob attacks, and racism against Indian mice. (But Fievel protects his ((Indian girlfriend)) from the angry mobs)


Language: Does " little runt!" count?


LoveMaking: None, just boyfriend and girlfriend stuff. One friendly kiss.


Cast: Directed by: Larry Latham

Fievel: Thomas Dekker ("Nick" Honey I Shrunk the Kids TV show) (Phillip Glasser got too old to do Fievel)

Cholena: Elaine Bilstad

Tanya: Lacey Chabett

Papa: Nehemiah Persoff

Tony: Pat Musick

Tiger: Dom DeLuise

Chief McBrusque: Sherman Howard

Toplofty: Tony Jay (Megabyte from Reboot on Toonami)

Mr. Grasping: Ron Perlman


Music: They did a great job digitally mastering the old music sound in a 1999 twist!

3 Musical numbers: (I didn't like the first one, it wasn't needed.) However the other 2 were good and well sung. Plus they had action going on at the time of the singing like they did with the musical numbers in AT2.


Takesplace: New York City again! About 1887. What happened to them living out west? You'll find out, it's not good. Just like in all of the American Tail films, each one has some historical convenience. AT1 was about the immigration to America and child labor. AT2 was about the move west also known as the great Oklahoma land rush. AT3 is about the famous strikes of the "Knights of Labor" and the Carnagie strikes of the late 1880's. Not to mention the Pullman strikes. Also it has historical significance to the last of the Indian tribes. And the Indians living under New York. That was all real! AT4 also has historical significance. It has resemblance to the Muckrakers of the 1880's and the Press.


Awards: None it's unheard of for now!


Pros: It's finally here! Kids will enjoy it. So will the older kind! It has moral ethnic meanings such as: Work, why racism is bad, and people's rights. Chases, runs, and rescues. The storyline is straight and foreword. Helps kids to understand how hard work are for their parents. And not to rush childhood to adulthood in a hurry. Great villains, any rich villains are really evil! (Why do I rate villains? Because kids shows and even adult ones lately have been getting very lousy villains! For example ((Power Rangers and NIMH2)) had very non-believable or easy villains. That's why I rate villains. And which is also why DragonBallZ is so popular, it has very hard and difficult villains to beat. The stronger the villain the greater the victory for the hero!) I liked this film.


Cons: Could have been: longer, funnier, more challenging, and I wouldn't mind a cat attack here and there. Tiger's not as funny as he was in AT2. But he does have some great lines! And he's still better than any stupid "Jar-Jar-Biggs"! (Jar-Jar-Biggs ha! I've seen Muppet characters better than him!) Anyway I'd say that the overall CON is that this film was kind of done in a hurry. They should have gone that extra mile and filled in a few gaps. Never the less, they did very well. They didn't kill Fievel like they did with NIMH2!




See this film and see you soon!

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