The Anime Oasis Convention


                        Greetings this is GokuFievel last April 5, 6, and 7th of 2002 Boise Idaho had it’s very first Anime Convention. It was very long awaited, very expensive, but worth it all. We finally got the convention and it was a blast the whole way! However there was a very terrible low turnout. We did not get the word out about the convention soon enough. The chairmen of the convention Jeremy Loppett (in my opinion only) was quite upset and disturbed with the low turnout and that there may not have been as much Anime fans in Boise or in Idaho as we thought. But I’m sure that you can prove us wrong. Please email Jeremy or me and let us know your thoughts about Anime and especially if you want another convention in Boise next year. Works are already in Progress for Anime Oasis 2003 however we need your support for it. So please contact us about it!


                        Now for the report on the Anime Oasis Convention of 2002, the Con took place at the Vista Best Western Inn in Boise right next to the Airport and the I-84 Freeway. Turnout was slow at first but for those that showed up boy did they ever dress up REAL COOL and boy did they have a blast! We had 3 theatre rooms showing exclusive Japanese Anime’s most of which you may or may not have heard of but were all very, very good. The cost to both get in and to get a booth was $35 for the whole weekend and $20 after that. We had Steve from the Anime Pavilion come to sell us some great Anime products, a man selling real (sharp swords) the Yume No Senshi Group and me, GokuFievel doing surveys and opinions of Anime by the fans themselves.


                        The convention was a non-stop thing from Friday to Sunday constantly having something shown in the mini-movie theatre’s showing such Anime (in Japanese with English Subtitle’s of course) as: Hyper Police, Oh My Goddess, GTO, DragonBall Z in Japanese, Kamakaze Kaitou Jeanne, and many more. On Friday April 5th we showed one of the best things at the convention some very funny Anime Music Video’s including mine called, “Ryoga” parody of Weird Al’s “YodaI won the Music Video contest, (by default) but I was extremely glad to have entered into it. They were all very well made Anime Music Video’s. After words I told some of my Top Ten’s that you may have read from my Top Ten Page and boy did I discover which one was the funniest! The Lecture Jokes were worse than I thought though. We had a really excellent comedian tell non-anime related jokes that were really funny in so much that I think that this guy ought to try his stuff at a professional comedy club or “Comedy Centrals’ Friday Night Stand Up”.


                        I told some jokes from the Joke Page that you might have seen, most of them were dull. I knew that the Lecture jokes were stupid but I didn’t know that they were THAT bad when I read them to the audience. Well anyway I did tell some Top Ten jokes at the convention some of them you’ll find on the Top Ten Page. But here’s the one that I got the most laughs on and that’s not on the Top Ten Page yet. Enjoy!


"Is it me or has TOM of Toonami been slacking off lately? He rarely appears or says anything new on Toonami anymore. And the Toonami Lockdown was barely any fun. Do you think that TOM and Toonami are getting too lazy or that they just don't care anymore? Well here are the signs for that."


Top Ten Signs That TOM Doesn't Give A Damn About Toonami Anymore


10: At the opening Toonami Sequence TOM not only show up ten minutes late, but he shows up drunk with a bottle of scotch in his hands


9: Instead of pushing the button on his chair to start the next show, TOM pushes the Self-Destruct button


8: Even though he lost weight and got a new slim and muscular body from the 'Intruder' Incident, TOM gets fat again


7: He keeps referring to SARA as the "B***h in the box"


6: Instead of showing the Fan Art, TOM shows Hentai!


5: DragonBall Z is only on for 2 minutes and already it's a "To Be Continued..."


4: He gives all of the video games a 10 out of 10 saying, Ah, they pay us to show their crappy games anyway so just give em’ what they pay for


3: Toonami comes on the air and TOM is in no hurry to put away the Game Boy


2: TOM was last seen asking Moltar if he'd like to host Toonami again


And the #1 Sign That TOM Doesn't Give A Damn About Toonami Anymore.........


1: TOM throws twenty bucks at the camera and says,You want Anime? Go buy it from a Bootlegger!


                        So anyway after we all had a laugh with jokes and comments for unscheduled activities Jeremy and Mystech set up the fourth theatre to show the new Anime “Blue Gender” Blue Gender was dubbed by FUNimation who were the same people who dubbed DragonBall Z therefore most of the Anime fans at the convention were upset that they had to see this one because they felt that DBZ was edited way too much and narrowed down to be only for the kids so everybody thought that FUNimation would have edited Blue Gender way too much. But we were all wrong! We all watched this with very judgmental eyes and yet we all came out very pleased. Many people at the convention suspected that Blue Gender was going to stupid or dull. But to all of our surprises not only was Blue Gender excellent, but also it was shocking to see that FUNimation didn’t edit even the dirtiest of things out!


                        One of these days I’ll have a review of Blue Gender once I see enough episodes however for all I can tell you about it, is that it takes place in the future and that the Earth is under attack by giant bugs who eat people and absorb them for energy. Humans had to retreat into outer space and attack them from space one attempt at a time. What’s shocking about the Anime is that it was so violent, gory, and sexy and to top it all off FUNimation didn’t edit a millisecond out of it! There was plenty of swearing and even a very brief sexual-innuendo/ brief nudity scene. Something that everybody at this convention thought that FUNimation was too afraid to do or wasn’t even capable of doing! Here’s another report review of what happened after Blue Gender was over. After the movie I questioned the Anime fans on what they thought of it as one of them who was a 17-year boy dressed as a white ninja (But I forgot his name! Dude if you’re here email me and tell me who you are so I can quote you) so anyway he liked it so much as he put it and I quote, “Well, I guess I can’t say anything mean about FUNimation anymore, they’ve re-won my trust after seeing this film.


                        So anyway after we all saw Blue Gender the next day I finally got to work as a dealer and asked the people at the convention some questions about what they think about Anime itself and the results were shocking and utmost pleasing. I set up a booth with me in it advertising that I was GokuFievel of and I wanted to know some information on what other people think of Anime for my website and for another report that I was doing.


                        What I discovered was amazing, I found out that most Anime fans were GIRLS!!! And of course they explained why. Because Anime is beautiful, it reflects more on girls, and it has better stories than most American and definitely American Animation films. Here are the responses from my research and many interviews of people that I questioned at the convention concerning Anime. The first question I asked dealt with the fact that according to the official DragonBall Z website ( ) that 20th Century of Fox has bought the rights to make a live action DBZ Movie! So I asked them whether or not they should do it, after word I planned to mail it to FUNimation itself. Here are the responses, quote for quote.


Do you agree with FUNimation and 20th Century of Fox for them to make a LIVE ACTION DragonBall Z Movie? (According to the official DragonBall Z website)


RUMOR: It is rumored that Leonardo DeCaprio will play the part of Trunks and that Keuno Reeves will play the part of Goku, I let them know these facts.


-Positive Response

-Negative Response


                        -NO LEO!! Honestly. I don’t think he’s skilled enough. He’s not suited enough to play a rough n’ tough guy! –Eric Schaller

                        -NO NO NO!!! NO WAY!!! –Anonymous

                        -I want to watch it –Anonymous

                        -It will be horrible! The Animated movies are as bad as it is! –Anonymous

                        -Yes!!! –Anonymous

                        -They can do what they want –Anonymous

                        -The series sucks! Leave it be! DIE!

                        -Go for it! –Anonymous

                        -Just better get it right :)

                        -No, because there are only some things that work out only in animation! –Jon Rodriquez

                        -They had better find the right people for it –Anonymous

                        -No! They can never find the right people for it! If they pick the wrong people, it won’t look like the original anime! –Jennifer Brown

                        -No. Because it will not be done right –Anonymous

                        -Unless they will get actors who are DIE HARD Anime fans, like we are here, absolutely not. It’ll just be a waste of money. They must have Anime fan actors, then maybe it’ll work –Anonymous

                        -If they have new actors, not like any famous people who only act for money. Good FX, Anime fan of a director, then yeah I could see it –Anonymous

                         -They might screw it up like “Fist of the North Star” and “Street Fighter”, but with graphics now a days if you could get some people from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” it might just work. –Anonymous

                        -No, some things just don’t look right in live action movies! –Anonymous

                        -Please don’t! -L


Why are you interested in Anime? (Please give a specific and detailed answer don’t just say, “Duh, just cause”)?


-Regular Response

-Impressive Response


                        -Unlike American Animation it spans, it goes into every possible subject it reaches out farther –Diane T.K.

                        -It’s Pretty –Anonymous

                        -Better plot and art than America, it’s different and beautiful –Jennifer

                        -Because the plot gets thicker as each episode goes on –Jon Rodriquez

                        -Because Anime is for all ages and types of people. It’s funny, happy; and sad at times –Anonymous

                        -Anime has so many layers to it. There are different things going on at once –Anonymous

                        -My wife likes it –Anonymous

                        -They have a very true opinion on our world and other ones that could exist –Anonymous

                        -I love the story and plots, even the characters and they have a better style of action –Y.C.

                        -The villains, the American bad guys are bad just because. Anime villains usually have a reason. It’s not always happy and fluffy in the end. Characters are more complex, even the ditzy ones. –Anonymous

                        -I am interested in animation anyway. I look forward to my Saturdays just so I can watch my Saturday morning cartoons. It is part of my life and my routine. It is not Saturday unless I watch something animated. At first, I frowned upon Anime. But I am the kind of person who will give just about everything a go, so I watched Digimon, Digital Monsters and I was hooked after the first episode! –Anonymous (If you are this person please give your name this one’s cool)

                        -Can’t do a thing in real life that you can in real life –Dans

                        -I am an artist and look and like their style. The expressions are priceless –Anonymous

                        -Anime is the ultimate art form of life –Anonymous

                        -More creative and funny –Anonymous

                        -World’s best animation. Art-quality features. Better plot lines and storyboards than anything American. Staff aimed at girls. –A.T.


How did you get into Anime? What was it like the first time you saw it? Do you know people who think that you’re crazy to like this stuff?


-Regular Response

-Impressive Response


                        -My friends showed me what DBZ was really like, then I started watching Tenchi Muyo and such. Yup, then I got interested –Anonymous

                        -Just on TV –Erika J

                        -Cartoon Network’s Sailor Moon –Jennifer

                        -I got into anime a long time ago with a series/movie called “Star Vengers

                        -Some of my friends think anime is stupid, I got into it because of my older sister –Anonymous

                        -My older sister introduced me to anime. I thought that it was a new way of animation. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like this stuff –Anonymous

                        -USA Network Sailor Moon –Anonymous

                        -My wife again –Anonymous

                        -Saw Sailor Moon and DBZ on Toonami. Yes a friend recorded Sailor Moon for us because of the cuts. Sailor Moon lead to Robotech and the rest is history –Anonymous

                        -I saw Digimon and I was hooked. It branched off into other Anime’s after that. Yes people would think I’m nuts. But really didn’t care. Everyone has a fetish –Anime S.M.N.

                        -In grade school I saw Ronin Warriors and totally fell in love with Ryo. Then in 7th grade I saw Tencho Man and was so pi**ed off when they took that off the air. When I got a job I bought Ranma ½ and went from there –Anonymous

                        -3 years old watching Robotech on Saturday mornings –Anonymous

                        -5 years ago I watched Pokemon. Cousin told me about DBZ –Anonymous

                        -Yanked into WSU Anime Club by ponytail 6 years ago –Anonymous


What do you have to say about Anime?


-Regular Response

-Impressive Response


                        -It’s one of better forms of expression in Media, for the most part it outshines live action on so many levels, plot, ethics, character development –Anonymous

                        -It’s very addictive –Jennifer

                        -It’s is open minded enough, it ran be quite enjoyable –Anonymous

                        -Anime is open-minded. You can tell what people are thinking and how they feel. –Anonymous

                        -It’s different and MUCH better than cartoons –Anonymous

                        -It’s misunderstood by the majority of Americans who think it’s badly dubbed kiddie shows or porn, I wish when it was dubbed it would be accurate not hacked or changed –Anonymous

                        -It kicks butt. Now if only there was a 24-Hour Anime Channel, I’d be happy! –Anonymous (I totally agree!)

                        -Kicks Ass!!!

                        -Release more-older Anime! –A.T.


There were many reasons why I interviewed people at the convention, one of which was because I was doing another report for College, the other was for my website and to mail the angry responses AGAINST the Live Action DBZ Movie to FUNimation themselves, and to let Cartoon Network hear our cry about more Uncut Anime and possibly an Anime Channel. I mean, come on, Boomerang is a WASTE of Channel space!


What I was pleased to discover at the Anime Convention was that most Anime fans were girls, this for one came as a shock to me but also a pleasant surprise, here are more interviews that I did at the convention that was included in my Interview Reports.


It’s a little long so if you want to skip it go ahead, cause I would skip this.


“The Anime Way Subculture Report” (Pages 12-14)


                                I know what you must be saying, uncensored anime? As one person in class asked, “Isn’t that low grade porn?” Like I said, in Japan they can get away with certain things and rules with their anime including brief nudity. However when they say that they demand uncut anime they almost always mean that this subculture gets very

offended whenever they edit so much as a dialogue change, or a bad punch line that was made by the American’s re-writing. It is true that Japan does make pure adult Anime films, but like us they’ve got their ratings system and order that it is for the adults only.

But guess what? America makes a lot of adult films too, most of which are real, so big surprise? They may be Japanese but their still human. At least Japan’s are just drawings.

                                What surprised me was that most of the Anime fans here were girls and women. Very unlike “Trekkies” where most of them are boys, the girls have been very taken into Anime. There were more girls at this convention than there were men. So I asked why?  I had a long conversation with one of them under the code name; “Sailor Starlight” who was dressed up in a tight black leather uniform. She said that most Anime even in Japan were targeted towards the women, but in so much that it wouldn’t chase the men away.

                                Sailor Starlight told me to watch most of the Anime films in this convention and notice that most of the main characters were female and that they were the hero’s  the story not always the damsel in distress. And that the male characters even though they had an important part too, they would usually either be the sidekick or in the way of the girls characters. She said, “Look at the male character of Tuxedo Mask from ‘Sailor Moon’ he’s not the hero of the show, the Sailor Scout girls are, and the same goes for most other Anime’s.”

                                This woman “Sailor Starlight” that I interviewed if you are picturing a 12-year-old girl or even a 17-year-old girl you’re way off. I noticed that despite the fact that she was in full costume I asked her what she did for a living because she looked older than 25. She told me, “I’m a mother and my daughters are at this convention with me. We’re all fans of Anime” A mother!? A fan of Anime? With her children? There goes some of theories of pimpled kids with glasses! So then I asked her if her husband was

into it and she responded, “My EX-Husband has always hated Anime and I just don’t get it. He was a Star Trek fan and a Sci-Fi buff but he would just glance at Anime and say, ‘Oh it’s just a stupid cartoon! I don’t care’ by the way that’s not why I left him there were other problems of course.”

                                So I put “Sailor Starlight’s” theory to the test and I did notice that in most of the theatre room showing Japanese anime that female’s were the main characters, and that girls were drawn into this also because it was very colorful. But what I didn’t understand was that most of the female characters were very sexily drawn very slender and that the men were drawn pretty buff. Didn’t this offend the women? So I asked them but they responded that it wasn’t just about the looks but the kind of character and emotions of that character that mattered. Of course the sexual drawings disturbed them a little but still the women were the main characters and weren’t always walking around like dumb blonde’s and it was usually them fighting the bad guys instead of the men doing all of the work. Plus other women at the convention said, “Unlike most Americans if they show animated nudity we’re Ok with it because it’s just the human body, we all have that. Of course I wouldn’t suggest it to little children but if an Anime had one scene of a girl characters’ bra falling off for just a second they cancel all hopes of the series being shown on TV.” 

                                Since my new discovery and to my shock was that most Anime fans turned out to be girls and women. I thought that most Anime was a guy thing, but instead

I discovered that most of them were girls. So in a sense this is another form of Anime Spirit that works in with “Girl Power” 


I was very impressed with the results from the convention. And I only spent a few hours asking questions maximum. Most of the time at the convention all I did was have fun and watch Anime Movies!


Like I said I won the Anime Music Video Contest, (technically by default because nobody else entered theirs in) so we had to use others from different conventions. However there may have been a good chance that I could have won by itself. Like I said earlier my music video was a parody of Weird Al’s song “Yoda” that I called “Ryoga” from the Anime “Ranma ½” I did the singing, and I know that I may have been docked points because I have a lousy singing voice. However the lyrics were very good and very well written out. Sorry to praise myself. So just for fun I put up the lyrics right here from my Anime Music Video. Just reading the lyrics ought to be funny! Like I said you can skip this one too and continue reading the report of the convention.


Lyrics To The Anime Oasis Anime Music Video Contest Winner of “Ryoga

(Parody of Weird Al’s “Yoda”)


Scene Opening from Ranma ½


Music Opening…


I met this kid once down in Furinkan High,

Where he was babbling all the time say’n

Ranma Saotome prepare to die!

Prepare to Die! Oh ya!


I saw the little squirt didn’t like me at all,

So I asked him his name,

And then in an angry voice he said,






Music Break…


Well I’ve been around but I ain’t ever seen,

A guy who turns into a pig while he still in his teens,


Oh my, Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga…


Well I’m not dumb but I can’t get a clue,

At how he can hang out with Akane and keep his secret too.


Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga…



Well my curse turns me into a red headed chick!

But Ryoga’s curse has got me licked!

So now he’s blaming this on me and Genma,

Well ya shouldn’t have followed us into China!


He and I were rivals every now and then,

So it looks like we’re gonna start all over again.


Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!



Music Break…


So I use Anything Goes Martial Arts!

That I learned from training with pops!

I blocked the “Breaking Point Attack”

While that Idiot wouldn’t take off his backpack!

Well I won’t forget what Ryoga said,


He said, “Ranma let me have Akane,

Because you don’t even love her anyway


Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!


Well I said, “Ryoga I’m not as stubble as a chin,

I’m not fighting for Akane, I’m fighting to win


Oh my Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!



Well it looks like I’ve won this little match,

A cold’s the only thing Ryoga can catch!

But I know that he’ll be comin’ back someday,

He’ll loose his sense of direction and he’ll loose his way!


And even though I’ve got this battle I’ve won,

There will be Akane petting Ryoga as “P-Chan


Oh my Ryoga!


You son of a GUN!



Get away from HER!




I hate YOU!




Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!



Ryoga! Yo…Yo…Yo…Ryoga!



Scene from Ranma ½


Music Ends


Ok, so maybe reading it may not sound so good especially if you haven’t seen the Anime. But it looks and sounds so much better. Well anyway, that’s the video that won!


But the true guests of honor and for sure this convention couldn’t have been great without them, and they are the “Yume No Senshi Group”! The Sailor Scouts who made this convention worth it all the fun and excitement plus more!



(I may never get this lucky again! Thanks Yume No Senshi You’re The Best!)


(Also to the Yume No Senshi Group sorry for any trouble I may have caused you)


So anyway the Yume No Senshi Group did their famous singing and dancing for the con in Japanese from the Japanese version of Sailor Moon, unaltered I might add! It was very beautiful the way they did it, also very well correlated but the best part of all, and what they like to be famous for are their costumes! The costumes of the Yume No Senshi Group were incredible! And it wasn’t just as Sailor Scouts but also as the villains! I’m serious it almost looked like as if they really were the character that they were posing as, and they said that they make and sell the costumes they wore at their website.


We then had a Q&A most of the questions were suppose to be on their costumes and also on their dances but I asked them a lot of questions about what they thought about the editing of Anime in America, and they did respond but preferred that I didn’t report about it officially.



(At their request I only included pictures of them with the whole crew)


This convention was my first convention, and what a convention it was! I had tons of fun and can’t wait for the next one in Idaho or the next one that I go to.


We all encourage everyone who will be in or near Boise Idaho to come to the Anime Oasis Convention in 2003!


Special Thanks To:


Jeremy Loppett for putting this whole thing together and for introducing me in the Closing Ceremonies


Tetsua Ehara of Boise State University for handing out those flyers for the convention and I would have never known that it was here!


Anime Pavilion for coming all of this way to the convention and for giving me some discounts


Ms. Payne for making the convention count as an English Project at the last minute


And of course to the Yume No Senshi Group!




Please go to the Anime Oasis website for more details on the next convention. Also please go to the Yume No Senshi’s website.


Thank You!




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